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Yesterday Reuters reported on a study, showing that men and women can tell whether a member of the opposite sex is interested in long-term commitment or a fling simply by looking at them. The article notes:

Women found men with softer features more likely to opt for commitment . . . the research also showed that women who were open to short-term sexual relationships were usually seen as more attractive.

It seems that this perception is based on human instincts and the desire to mate; however, it got me wondering why people continually fall for someone who's not interested in the same level of commitment. If we can tell what a man wants just by looking at him, then how come so many of us keep going for the ones that are all wrong for us? Then again, do you really think you can see a guy across the room and, without even talking to him, know what kind of relationship he's looking for? Weigh in and tell me what you think!


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