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Have you ever been asked by either a friend or an acquaintance something that was just totally inappropriate and/or way too personal? I certainly have! Similarly to hearing words of wisdom that I loath, some people have no qualms asking questions that I feel cross the line. "Why are you still single?," "How much did that cost?" and "You don't look very happy, what's wrong?" are just a few that strike a nerve with me, but ladies, do tell, what questions do you find inappropriate or rude?


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DiamondSkies DiamondSkies 6 years
I am tired of being asked about having more children as well. Especially because we've been trying for a year and a half with help from doctors with no luck. It's a pretty personal question, people. STOP ASKING!
ali321 ali321 7 years
118 I can relate. When I was younger I was really quiet in school and people would always ask "Why don't you ever talk?" Umm I do talk. Just not to you. I also hate "Why don't you have a boyfriend?" Especially from guys trying to talk to me. Do you want me to have a boyfriend? There's nothing wrong with me. I mean for all they know I just broke up with someone. It doesn't mean I've been alone for 20 years because I'm a weirdo. "Do you have a job yet?" No, I'm still poor. Thanks for asking. And last but not least "Why are you being all antisocial?" This is usually asked if I just whanna watch a movie by myself and it's a girly show or Dr. Phil and no one else will watch with me. I'm not being anti social. I spent all day with people and now I need some me time. So what?
Leaia Leaia 8 years
"How much do you make?" is a question, asked by complete strangers sometimes, that I find profoundly disturbing. Another one is when this woman in the elevator asked if I was eating enough. WTF? "Where do you come from? Are you Spanish?" I find it tiring to have to explain to people that I'm from Italy, not spain. But people still call me Hispanic.
morrighu morrighu 8 years
When people ask me an inappropriate question, I just turn it back on them. If they ask me about having kids, I ask them if they've started saving so that they can bail theirs out when they're teenagers. If they ask me about my weight, I eyeball them and say something like "Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black?" or "Why don't you tell me what you're doing? That way I know not do that since it obviously isn't working for you." The big one was "When are you & X getting married?" My answer to that was "Misery loves company, I see."
Jimsgirl24 Jimsgirl24 8 years
Whenever I take a sick day from work once or twice a year, it never fails that coworkers ask me upon my return to work why I got sick and what symptoms I had. It's really strange to me that they would want to know the details...I certainly don't want to hear about your stomach flu or whatever you caught. Gross. How about I just say I felt crappy, okay!
LilyLyra LilyLyra 8 years
The question I hate so much is "how much do you weigh" or "don't you exercise" That drives me crazy. I don't get that much anymore because I've lost a lot of weight, but just thinking about it erks me. Ugh.
ragus ragus 8 years
1. What are you eating: (followed by coming over and inspecting what your eating today) And whatever it is never satisfy them! 2. When are you getting married, you've been w/ him for so long now isnt it about time. 3. Why did your parents name you that? Uh maybe they thought it was pretty.... duh! 4.(My hands are naturally very very linear palms and backside~ they look exactly like my mothers) and I get all the time omg why do your hands look so old and wrinkly, RUDE! This is how God created me!
Jeny Jeny 8 years
Man i'm so open minded and blunt that nothing really bothers me.. i'm super honest so I don't mind people asking advice and opinions and why this and why that lol
arbywhopper arbywhopper 8 years
My husband and i were station in germany for almost 2 years. i was very home sick while we lived there. He was always working, and he was never home. We were never able to fly back home for a vist, so while i was there to comfort myself i ate therefore gaining some wieght. After coming back home EVERYONE was asking if i was pregnant. it got really old so i started working out, then when i finally got a job, everyone was telling me to stop working out becuse its not going to be good for the baby!!! i was just like WTF!!! one day i broke down in tears!! it was so heart breaking!!!
Anytime someone asks "when are you having kids?" or "How do you deal with that?" or any one of another obnoxious question... reply back very calmly and say "When are you going to dye? Aren't you worried about death? Your how old?" This will probably get a mixed response, but it makes it very clear to the person that they are asking a question you dont' feel is very appropriate, and a way for you to get the message across Just a thought! Hope it made someone laugh...its meant to be funny.
Blackwood Blackwood 8 years
people ask me waaaay too many idiotic things to even remember, let alone mention them.
the-intruder the-intruder 8 years
"How many people have you slept with?" I was asked by a friend in front of a guy that I've been hopin' to go out with.
random00b random00b 8 years
I wear my hair in braids. When people ask me "how do you keep it clean?," I get SOOOOO annoyed. Look my hair is clean; how it got that way is none of your concern.
ummyeaitsmarcie ummyeaitsmarcie 8 years
yeah, the eating disorder questions drive me nuts, I'm not under weight so stop asking! At school, the nurse practitioner (who shouldn't have been their anyways because she always assumed that any girl who had a stomach ache or bad cramps had to be preggers) asked me five different ways if I was anorexic, I finally just said, "look i ate a whole large pizza by myself last night, I seriously don't have a problem eating" so she asked "Did you throw it up after?" ... yeah Also, right after I left for school I went form average height and a little chubby to tall and skinny, so this guy from my school asked me "Do you remember when you were like this (puts hand about my shoulder height and bloats out cheeks)?" No, seriously, in the past two years I forgot that and you bringing it up now definitely makes it hilarious. At my county's Ultimate league "so which one of these guys is your boyfriend?" to which I have to give the awkward, I don't have a boyfriend. (Its more annoying than rude, but come on I don't have to have a guy to play) "Where is that accent from?" then I say Mississippi and they have the nerve to look down at my feet. yes, I do have shoes thank you very much. One person asked me "So, do you like talk to black people?" Yes, yes I do, I have no problem with a person's skin color, thanks for letting me know that you think I'm that crappy of a person when you've never even seen me before. Also, how much money my dad makes (none ya), when random class mates ask what happened to the guy I was dating (sorry, go find your gossip elsewhere), and any questions about my sex life or lack there of.
bozo bozo 8 years
I was asked if I was pregnant because I had gained weight. No Im not pregnant just because I'm chubby!
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