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When you get into bed at night, are you able to fall asleep the second your head hits the pillow? If not, you're not alone. Since bedtime is the only chance we have all day to be alone with our thoughts, it's sometimes difficult to turn your brain off and just relax. Allure magazine is quoting Joyce Walsleben, an associate professor of medicine at New York University School of Medicine saying:

Worrying prompts your body to produce the adrenaline-like chemical epinephrine, which keeps you awake.

I frequently fall victim to late-night thinking, mostly about how there just aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done, but ladies, do tell, what keeps you up at night?


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kiwishe kiwishe 9 years
I wish I am kept up by the stress of a job or worrying about stuff in my life. I'm kept up at night by the sense of spirits in my apartment.
designerel designerel 9 years
usually i can fall asleep within minutes of hitting the pillow. but if something is keeping me up, it is usually work worries or boy stress. if i just start reading something, it works just as well as a sleeping pill :)
LuvLeoDiCaprio LuvLeoDiCaprio 9 years
This has been happening to me since Monday, for the first time in my life I can't get to sleep it takes me about an hour or so to get there. Mainly I am up just thinking about my new job and what new things to expect and also marriage. Dang it I want my ring!
jennjennnbubba jennjennnbubba 9 years
mosly I think of bills, money, to do lists, work, plans, etc. but I do manage to come up with some pretty nifty ideas before I fall asleep too.
emalove emalove 9 years
It depends... If I had a bad day, I usually can't help but dwell on that for a bit. Or if I have something big going on the next day, I might feel anxious about it.
SparklinSeahorSe SparklinSeahorSe 9 years
if i'm starting a new relationship with someone or know that my crush and i are going somewhere, it keeps me up at night. i'm pretty sure it's a small form of anxiety. because honestly, it happens with every one. sometimes i can't even eat. it's awful.
pink-elephant pink-elephant 9 years
It take me forever to fall asleep! Sometimes up to an hour later- I'm always thinking of all the stupid crap that I did that day and what I have to do the next. I wish I could fall asleep faster because I have to get up early and it's exhausting.
Sun_Sun Sun_Sun 9 years
stress....and my to do list...usually i just get up, write it all down in chronilogical order, then i can sleep.
agrepina agrepina 9 years
i was up untill 4 am last night..! i hate not being able to sleep when i go to bed
smp7328 smp7328 9 years
i think about all kinds of things; i.e. work, my health, weight, etc. i am having a lot of problems with depression lately so that keeps me awake late at night, but i find that having the tv on while i am trying to go to sleep helps to stop a lot of the wandering thoughts that i have.
popgoestheworld popgoestheworld 9 years
I used to stay up late worrying about things. Usually I worry about big future plans, like what I want to do with my life. Big, unsolvable problems like that. But then I discovered Melatonin. And I love, love it.
sugarsister sugarsister 9 years
the past, present and future.
Eternity Eternity 9 years
the fact that my male cohabitant is still up...and hours later, is still up...and then i worry about what he is so worried about that he has such a problem keeping a sleeping schedule...
ashleybrooke-87 ashleybrooke-87 9 years
i have a SUPER FAB apartment in the middle of downtown, but unfortunately that means I'm also about 20 inches* away from the rail road tracks...and they feel the need to blow the horn at 1 in the morning. but once I'm asleep, I'm out cold. so its no biggie. just gotta quick fall asleep in between trains! *exaggeration? maybe (:
lovelie lovelie 9 years
Well I'm certainly glad that I'm not the only one with this problem. My mind keeps running all night usually, so I tend to watch tv until I dose off or have a glass of wine. Mostly I worry about school, taking the LSAT (I've lost lots of zz's over that one), if I mailed out certain bills, god you name it...I will worrry about it. It is my curse.
nancita nancita 9 years
Epinephrine, huh? Well that explains why it takes me so long to go to sleep. I always think about things I want to do the next day or the next week or the next month. Not worrying so much as just thinking.
bigestivediscuit bigestivediscuit 9 years
HAHA karmasabitch - I'm with you on this one, except I ALWAYS am paranoid that I have to pee. My boyfriend hates traveling with me because I'm always like OMG, I THINK I NEED A BATHROOM in the middle of a romantic country walk (which are, btw, completely void of any sort of toilet facilities) or in the middle of sunbathing on a secluded beach in France ... and yup, I have to go like, 5 times before I can fall asleep properly.
ImJessica ImJessica 9 years
CaterpillarG, me too. I just worry too much.
karmasabitch karmasabitch 9 years
Too many things lately :OY: And I also am having issues because I'll have to go to the bathroom a million times before I can fall asleep, and then I'll wake up reaaaaally early and have to go to the bathroom?? Apparently there's something called nervous bladder syndrome (something like that, my mom told me about it) which I apparently have.. drives ME NUTS!!!!! :RANT:
almost-famous almost-famous 9 years
Like other women on here, I get stress about dieting and this dayum stand stills i'm on. It's hard to keep the focus there when the scale says the same thing even when you eat up to 850cals. a day. No to mention working out too.
erratic-assassin erratic-assassin 9 years
what am i doing tomorrow? who's pickin up the doggie? did I leave my car at my parent's or at the park & ride? (my fiance and i carpool to orange county) i need to remember to take lunch today...pick up some bread and milk.... this is one of those times I WISH i was a guy; my fiance sleeps like a rock!
WhatTheFrockBlog WhatTheFrockBlog 9 years
Sometimes I can't sleep at night because I'm thinking about work. And then I get angry at myself for letting my job affect me like that. :(
SillyBecky SillyBecky 9 years
My job is super-demanding, so when I'm not at the office I am still being bombarded by calls and questions for hours after I get home. There are some days when I have to turn my Blackberry off just so I can get peace of mind. When bed time comes, I usually toss and turn thinking about what I've got lined up to do the next day. I also worry about my family and friends when I know they have problems.
lady-T lady-T 9 years
stress from school or an upcoming event will keep me stressed..worrying a lot often keeps me up at night
bigestivediscuit bigestivediscuit 9 years
I have SO many problems falling asleep and then I wake up SUPER early all the time because I'm stressing so much - usually over stuff that either a) completely out of my control b) 99% turn out ok anyways. I worry about everything from my job, to where I'm going to be in 10 years, my family, my relationships, other things I have to take care of the next day, etc. My mom always said that if it can't be fixed right at that moment, it's not worth worrying about it, but I just can't help it!!! I hate this anxiety, because I have a great life but the panic is seriously ruining it. :(
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