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It's human nature to argue with the ones you love, and couples that say they don't are liars! Although it's never fun to fight, it is a good opportunity to learn a lot about your partner and see a different perspective on whatever you're disagreeing on, not to mention a true test of your patience. So ladies, while it's perfectly normal to fight, I am sure we have all experienced the feeling of wanting to just call it quits, so do tell, if you had to name one instance or argument that made you doubt or question your love for your partner, what would it be?


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nessabum nessabum 9 years
what makes me question my love for him are the moments when i feel the most alone because he's not emotionally available for me when i miss him most. in a shorter sentence: i question my love for him when i question his love for me.
Hazel2 Hazel2 9 years
When he says the meanest things. When you expect someone that "loves you more than anyting" not to say them, he does, i.e crazy b*tch. And its like whoa! did he just say that. Or when he is being extremely selfish, and will not return any favors.
nlw nlw 9 years
completely off topic, but doesn't the guy in the pic look like an Affleck brother? after 9 years together, i couldn't name just one instance. my problem is that i tend to push everything bad away. i know that it happened, but i can't remember exactly what it was.
d_ford d_ford 9 years
I don't doubt marrying my husband at all. Even through all our arguments and mess of things we've had to endure over the last 3's him and it will always be him. With the guy I was with previous to my husband it definitely had to be the night he took me to go play Dungeons and Dragons. This hadn't been brought up previous in our relationship, and had I known I wouldn't have gone and dated him. After he made me create my effing lame...I knew it was over. I don't do Dungeons and Dragons.
rosey_y rosey_y 9 years
The defining moment of doom for me in my last serious relationship was when during a fight he picked up and THREW my beloved childhood teddy bear hard across the room. That was it for me. Yell at me all you want but don't touch the bear! :p Like everyone else, there were far more serious things wrong with the relationship but that stood out in my mind as the moment when I thought "I'm so finished with you".
Greggie Greggie 9 years
If I go back to past relationships, I can pinpoint a lot of "the moment" times where it hit me that we needed to go our separate ways. Although the one that stands out most in my mind is when I was on a date and the topic of The Accused came up (obviously this was many years ago) and the guy said Jodie Foster's character deserved to be raped. That date didn't go on from there.
samidingdong samidingdong 9 years
After a night out, we got home late, and I wanted to go straight to bed since I had to be at work in 5 hours. He on the other hand wanted to stay up, have a snack and watch tv. I was cranky before we got home, and he decided to pick a fight with me because I don't keep my toaster on top of my counter. He then got into details about all the things he could have toasted in the past, but couldn't because I'm too stupid to keep a toaster on my counter.
onesong onesong 9 years
i actually broke up with my ex over the center bite of a big mac. im serious. i mean, granted it was indicative of a whole slew of other insane problems he had, but that's what triggered the breakup. too funny how these things can go, huh?
ClassicsDiva ClassicsDiva 9 years
We don't have out-and-out fights with yelling and cussing and whatnot. They're more like angsty conversations, with furrowed brows, tense pauses, and me fighting back tears so I don't seem too irrational. That being said, I've never seriously considered leaving him, and the few times when it's crossed my mind have been when we've disagreed about anything serious. I think it's more about my mood than about the content of our arguments.
rubialala rubialala 9 years
popgoesthe world, :ROTFL: It actually wasn't just one fight, but a time of two years when we were just really disconnected with each other. We had a baby and focused on him and not at all on each other and it was awful. We've come out of it (with counseling), and now things are great, I don't doubt anything now.
fab4 fab4 9 years
hahaha popgoestheworld....My boyfriend and I got in a fight about a potato chip once, (so stupid), and it was the only time I thought about breaking up with him. Seriously, a potato chip arguement.
Greggie Greggie 9 years
I've never once thought I made the wrong decision in marrying my husband, not even for a moment. But we also don't fight, it's just not his nature.
Le-Luxe Le-Luxe 9 years
The time when we were fighting and the only thing he said the entire time was 'F#$% YOU BIATCH!' and saying that I was crazy. Um excuse me. No one calls me ANY swear word and calls me crazy!!!!ugh.
popgoestheworld popgoestheworld 9 years
Every time I see a picture of George Clooney.
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