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Bad date stories are often funny after the fact, but when you're out with someone who's making you annoyed you even got dolled up and scheduled time for them, it can be depressing.

We've all had boring dates, but some stand out for their sheer weirdness. I am a freak magnet, so I have my fair share of weird dating tales. There was the guy who took his shoes off as soon as he sat down, the guy who took his false front teeth out for show-and-tell (he'd been a boxer), and then there was the charming dude who insisted the sushi chef at the bar speak Japanese with him, even though he spoke perfect English. After a few rounds of coercion, the chef finally said, "Will you just shut up and order?" Naturally, those first dates were also the last.

If you're single, dating can be an occupational hazard. What was the worst date you ever had?

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