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Do Tell: What's the Worst Wedding Planning Disaster You've Ever Heard?

Do Tell: What's the Worst Wedding Planning Disaster You've Ever Heard?

Once the save the date cards are out, it's time to plan, plan, plan! As we all know, it takes a small army to plan a big wedding, as well as patience and staying power. But with so many cooks in the kitchen, it's just a matter of time before something goes awry. Even if you're one of the lucky ones who has a wedding planner to help with the details, mistakes can still happen and important details can slip through the cracks. So ladies, what's the worst wedding planning disaster story you've ever heard? Perhaps the invitations were printed for the wrong date or the officiate never showed — whatever your story is, do tell, because we'd love to hear it!

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missminx1980 missminx1980 8 years
Not terrible, but I'm 6 weeks away from my wedding and I've lost 3 hairdressers already. #1 a "friend" who decided it was more important to do a client's wedding than coming to mine. #2 a friend's girlfriend, which he recently ended it with. #3 another friend's girlfriend who after 4 years of being with him, cheated on him and isn't invited, nor doing my hair.... Anyone know how to do hair out there? LOL
DCBaxter DCBaxter 9 years
I am getting married in a few weeks and I have had quite a few things go wrong. Nothing that will ruin the day or anything, I wouldn't call them disasters...but none the less things that have stressed me out from time to time. - my maid of honor got pregnant and is due a week before the wedding (I had to ask her to bow out). - three of my bridesmaids, including my MOH, are going through a divorce currently (one bridesmaid is married to a groomsmen) - my mom didn't see my opposition to her getting the room right next door to the wedding suite....for the entire time she was staying there. - I'm worried about my job security due to recent news that our company is struggling for money. So yeah.
cat1121 cat1121 9 years
Where do I start? I used to do wedding photography and that pretty much sealed my desire to have a small wedding. I have seen some of the most horrible behavior you can imagine. The worst one by far was going in to take pictures of the groom getting ready and discovering him passed out naked in the chair. He stood up to go to the bathroom and still had the condom on from the prostitute he had sex with the night before. *shudders* Luckily one of the bridesmaids was right behind me and got the honors of telling the bride. Yes, they got married. They were divorced a year later.
mabes mabes 9 years
this isn't terrible terrible...but my hubby to be had brought our marriage license to the rehearsal and somehow it ended up being thrown away after our dinner. He did not realize it until the next morning and went dumpster diving to try and find it....he didn't. I found out on day 3 of our honeymoon that we didn't have a marriage license (luckily our preacher was very cool and once we got another copy of it, long process, and signed it for us)
graylen graylen 9 years
This is a week before story, but my brother (who was getting married) lived in CA (while all my family lived in FL). The week before, my family flew out and everyone else drove. My dad got severe food poisoning and had to be admitted to the hospital. My aunt got food poisoning from a separate place and also had to be admitted. My grandfather fell and couldn't walk. The worst, however, was my poor cousin who threw up and had a horrible seizure at the rehearsal breakfast and also had to be hospitalized. My brother thought our family was cursed! Needless to say, the wedding was flawless and after many IV's of fluids, everyone actually made it to the wedding and enjoyed it.
Angelbabz04 Angelbabz04 9 years
at my moms wedding one of the table linens caught on fire b/c of the candles on the table- my great uncle had a heart attack on the dance floor (he's okay) AND my step father (he groom) got in a fight with the DJ because he refused to play songs that the wedding guests were requesting. the wedding was crazy but we still managed to have a good cannot plan for things like that!
Brooklynbee Brooklynbee 9 years
Well these are not really disasters but funny stories... When I was getting dressed before my wedding, a fire alarm went off in the hotel where I was staying and I had to run down six flights of stairs - in my wedding dress. Luckily it was a false alarm (and that is why there is a picture of me in my wedding dress in front of a firetruck with a bunch of firemen!) Then the car service I had called to take me to my wedding didn't show up, and when I called them they insisted they had picked me up (me on the phone: "Um, no you didn't. I am standing in front of the hotel in a wedding dress. Do you know why? Because I need to be somewhere... important... my WEDDING.") One of the guys who worked at the hotel got me another cab and all was well. :)
sass317 sass317 9 years
I had a 'no kids under 10' rule at my wedding and no ring bearers or jr bridesmaids or flower girls. I have SO many friends who had toddlers and 1 year olds when I got married that there was NO way anyone could have enjoyed themselves with a dozen screaming babies and toddlers running around and throwing tantraums. For petes sake I considered it a gift for my friends- a kid free party! which meant my friends with kids could have a good time too. my MIL told me the day before she and FIL got married the store where they rented the tuxes burned down so they had to rush to find new ones before the wedding. And when my parents got married the photographer had been in a motorcycle accident the day before- so he was very late getting to the church and he was doped up on pain pills and most of the pictures didnt turn out.
tiffanyfuchsia tiffanyfuchsia 9 years
A girl in an online wedding planning group I am a part of forgot to take their marriage license with them to their destination wedding, so they had the whole big wedding and honeymoon and everything and then had to get married at the courthouse when they got back!
fireannach fireannach 9 years
My boyfriend's sister is the wedding planner for a really (unnamed) high profile winery and at this wedding over the summer, one of the servers, who was 17, that came with the caterer, got totally trashed on the alcohol for the reception and was getting sick and being totally belligerent behind the scenes. She then tried to drive home but thankfully somebody took her keys and called her a cab. Luckily nobody at the wedding saw her, but my boyfriend's sister was furious. Don't think they're doing much work with that caterer anymore!
JaimeLeah526 JaimeLeah526 9 years
kikidawn, it would be totally acceptable to have a no-kids rule for the guests and then have your ring bearer and flower girl attend. I did the same thing because my cousin's kids are horrible and she doesn't know how to get them to behave and usually doesn't even try. At my wedding we really didn't think over the music and try it out beforehand and our recessional song ended up skipping on the sound system. Oh well. That was the only major glitch.
snarkypants snarkypants 9 years
i was at my hometown's fourth of july celebration a few years ago, where they shoot off fireworks from the middle of the lake. the first firework misfired, and flew into a crowd of spectators. luckily only one person was hurt. however, the only one injured was getting married the next day! she was rushed to the hospital and treated for burns to her face! they had to postpone the wedding. luckily, she recovered, and had the wedding a few weeks later.
PreppyDot PreppyDot 9 years
I was in a wedding a few years ago, and we all stroll up the bar at the reception where the bartender proceeds to tell us that this was a dry reception. The Wedding party had decided not to tell anyone in advance even the entire wedding party. I love my friend, but it would have been better to know a little detail like that in advance.
TidalWave TidalWave 9 years
all this wedding stuff is depressing. I want a huge guide about breaking up: how to do it and how to get over it
girlgreen girlgreen 9 years
this reminds me of my very favorite episode of sex and the city..the one where charlotte and harry get married and everything goes wrong! and carrie tries to comfort her by saying the worse the wedding, the better the marriage...and by the end of the night their wedding had gone so disastrously wrong that charlotte said it had gotten them to their 50th anniversary! :)
almost-famous almost-famous 9 years
kikidawn, There's absolutely nothing wrong with a "NO KIDS" rule for your wedding and then having a ring bear/flower girl there. Those are the staples to a wedding. People are expecting a ring bear and flower girl. So don't sweat it!
jrosenberg02 jrosenberg02 9 years
I went to a wedding last year where the bride and groom had a small cake made, and then planned to order extra sheet cakes from the baker with the same flavors and frosting to have enough to serve to their guests. Somehow either they didn't place the order or the baker forgot it, but either way they ended up wayyyy short on cake! They had to run out to the grocery store and buy those gross sickly sweet pre-made sheet cakes from the bakery saection, just to have something to serve everyone. Gross!
kikidawn kikidawn 9 years
ElizabethRae- I've thought about that too, but I don't know if I could stand to not have my adorable nephews there with me. I guess we'll just cross that bridge when we get there. It'll still be a while :( I've had a lot of people tell me that since it's my wedding I should do what I want and not worry about what 'etiquette' says. I'm not sure if I have the guts to do that. I don't like to offend people :) And that is an awesome engagement story! I'd love to have my guy propose to me like that!!!
ElizabethRae ElizabethRae 9 years
Kikidawn - Ring bearers and flower girls are total scene stealers, so if you're worried about kids there you may want to rethink them too! Kids were at my wedding but I didn't notice. The adults with the ringing cell phones were worse!! PS - love your pic! I got engaged on the 50 yard line of Owen Field. :)
eva-belle eva-belle 9 years
for me, the most important aspect of my wedding was my cake. I had picked out a beautiful design and had it made in a town two hours away just because i trusted that the artist could do the design. the day of my wedding, it didnt show up till halfway through the reception---- completely undecorated. apparently no one had established with the cake lady the actual DAY of my wedding, and she was just sitting down to do it when my wedding planner called asking where the cake was. it was still delicious, but i shed a few tears.
kikidawn kikidawn 9 years
almost famous, I've often thought about having an adult only wedding b/c my cousin's kids are terrors. The only thing is would it be hypocritical of me to say adults only and then have a ring bearer (my nephews) and flower girl (my s/o's cousin)? lol The other choice is to just not invited my cousin, her kids, and her mom at all... we don't get a long and they are the 'drink way too much' side of the family. I'm just not real keen on having them there!
Sampson60 Sampson60 9 years
I heard of a women who's wedding venue burned to the ground a month before the big day. Needless to say she found out on the news while she was driving home from work. If that happened to me I would have been so shocked I probably would have drive off the road. But everything worked out in the end...she was able to find a replacement.
almost-famous almost-famous 9 years
Well okay, my uncle told everyone NO KIDS for his wedding. For some reason my other uncle whom lives outta town, thought it was "okay" to bring his kids to the wedding. Needless to say, is kids were bad. They didn't listen, didn't care and were just damn bad! It awful for my uncle to just sit there and let him bring kids that he knew ahead of time were disobedient... I would of stomped my foot down! If I said NO KIDS, Then NO KIDS!!!
ElizabethRae ElizabethRae 9 years
I saw this on the news last week, but a girl who lives in my area was supposed to get married on Saturday in an outdoor wedding but on Thursday these storms and tornadoes blew through and pretty much destroyed the back yard and the gazebo or whatever they had set up. She had to find a new place to get married. That looked pretty sucky. But honestly, I think too much importance is placed on things going perfectly. Who cares! If you've got the love of your life by your side, the rest is lagniappe. For my wedding my shoes got 'lost' and I was crawling around my parents' house on my hands and knees *in my wedding dress* looking for them and someone read the wrong reading and other little things went wrong but I still got married and had a great time. Love can make mishaps melt away!
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