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I'm a sentimental person, and I have a special place in my heart for "firsts." First slow dance, first date, first French kiss, first love, and who could forget her first time having sex?

I'm sure you remember such unforgettable milestones like these too, so what about your first orgasm? Were you alone or with someone else? Were you just fooling around, or did it happen while you were having sex? Or maybe you have yet to feel the amazing sensations of your first orgasm. I'm sure you all have unique stories, so do tell: What was your first orgasm experience like?

— Additional reporting by Tara Block

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freez1 freez1 5 years
share your views about every thing of life and sex  which you don't share any other person on
8myf8 8myf8 5 years
I was twelve... Um, me & my boyfriend were, um, kissing, and um, he, suggested we try to, um, orgasm... And it worked. Mmm...
babyface24 babyface24 6 years
I started having orgasm when I was just a little girl, maybe at the age of 5. I used to put my pillow between my legs and feel the pleasure. I enjoyed every moment of it. I was doing it until my adolescent years.
Jake2010 Jake2010 6 years
12 years old with Kelly Tough (I'll never forget her name or what she looked like) in an issue of Playboy....
young-mamma young-mamma 7 years
the first time i had one was just here recently about a few months ago. ive been with my fiance now for almost two years and he loves giving them to me. its like wow. i love it. lol we have a child together but it was from us sneeking around so my parents wouldnt find out and so we had to hurry every time but now we take our time. its an amazing feeling. i get one first then he does. thats the way it should totaly always be lololololololo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RIGHT GIRLS?
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