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A few days ago I gave you some suggestions on what to remember when attending a holiday party and your comments made me realize that some of you have experienced a few party disasters in your time! The stress of the holiday season, combined with alcohol, can make for a pretty interesting night on the town so ladies, do tell, what was your most embarrassing experience while drinking eggnog under the mistletoe?

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RockAndRepublic RockAndRepublic 8 years
I don't do holiday parties, 2nd, i behave.
Muirnea Muirnea 8 years
Haha, wow good stories so far! :) Nothing crazy has happened to date. I'm supposed to be going to my bf's work christmas party this Sunday. Well, I got 8 teeth out today (Thursday), 4 wisdom teeth and 4 other teeth toward the front of my mouth b/c I'm getting braces soon and they said I needed more room. It's going to be an awesome party (sarcasm). I'll just talk and smile with my mouth closed so I don't look like I never brush my teeth,LOL.
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 8 years
Like some of the posters here, mine involved over-drinking. I didn't know my limit until that time. I found out the hard way. :) Well, I learned from my mistake, I never repeated it. LOL
sarahcateh sarahcateh 8 years
OMG Jmartens. I can't believe that!
Jmartens Jmartens 8 years
when I was a teenager, my parents had a big holiday party. My friends father brought a date who asked all of the teenage boys in the kitchen if they wanted to know if she was a true red head. She lifter up her skirt and they found out. The rest of the crowd was classy and elegant. Not this lady!
rellicDragon rellicDragon 8 years
lol can't think of one for some weird reason ... maybe I have blocked them all ...
CityStyleLife CityStyleLife 8 years
I remember my mother's holiday party at her office. I was about 14 and just started getting my period so I wasn't all that regular yet. Well suprise! got it right in the middle of the party I had to change my dress and everything. horrible!
skigurl skigurl 8 years
i have had a couple of my own, especially issues in front of professors and stuff in grad school...most notably a rumour going around that i fooled around with a guy in the bathroom but that's not actually true....but nothing overly notable but at one of our more notable Xmas parties, one of my profs (about 60 years old, white beard, the whole bit) got drunk, hit on a student(i have a picture of the two of them nearly kissing. she was 22), fell into a snowbank on his way home, passed out there, and had to get escorted home by the cops he would have looked absolutely homeless when they found him, i'm sure, because he is a bit scraggly (academic type). but when he gave them his ID and they saw that he lived in a multi-million dollar condo on the water, i'm sure the cops were VERY surprised!
skigurl skigurl 8 years
AHAHAHAHAHA i have been trying to think of one good one to post, but i don't think anything i say can possibly top the "SUCK IT" from a supervisor with children present! HAHAHAHAHAHA that story added a little sunshine to my day, for sure!
DarlingDA DarlingDA 8 years
I've never had an embarrassing experience, but at my ex-bf's holiday party, one of the supervisers (who was about 40 and had her kids with her) got very drunk on margaritas and was yelling and making a scene. We were doing a raffle, and she won THREE different times (she had bought 20 tickets, while most of us just had 1, maybe 5 max), and actually yelled "In your face!" the third time and made kind of a 'suck it' motion with her hands. I think she was quietly transferred after that.
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 8 years
OMG WAIT TILL U HEAR THIS ONE... So, I was 18 & my gf invited me to her Christmas party. I ended up getting TANKED like horribly tanked off some white wine. I totally don't remember anything...but I guess I was wobbely and walking down the hall I tripped and fell and my dress went over my head and exposed my ass to EVERYONE! My BARE ASS! Ahhhh so embarrassing!
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