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I just came across a genius website called My Very Worst Date, which is chock-full of hilarious, disastrous dating stories. Now if I were to submit one of my own, it would have to be the time my blind date told me on the way to dinner that he had a 14-year-old son and was technically still married. We had nothing in common and nothing to talk about, and our two-hour date felt like an eternity.

I'm sure you have your fair share of stories too, so tell me, what was your worst date experience like?


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dikke-kus dikke-kus 8 years
Oh my God. These stories are a riot. I had a first date where I invited someone over for a party. The guy was a nice looking attorney. Rather young in his late 20's. We had a drinking game later at a table doing shots and we pressured him into doing a few with us. I guess he couldn't handle his liquor and he passed out unable to drive himself home. As he drank he started talking about marriage and how we would make a great couple. He kept putting his head on my shoulder like a puppy. I wanted to brush his head off me like a fly. He wound up spending the night drunk as anything on my bedroom floor. Later that night he threw up several times in my toilet. In the morning disheveled and sick he begged me to drive him home. He threw up a couple more times along the road. As he sat there like a pale ghost he mentioned he didn't have a chance to clean up the bathroom. I guess he was really trying hard to impress me. What a dimwit. I can't say I ever had the pleasure of returning his phone calls.
sparklestar sparklestar 8 years
Oh yeah and he kept going on about his six pack and his black belt in karate.
sparklestar sparklestar 8 years
I met this guy off okcupid and we went to a bar for a quick meal and a drink. We were looking at the menus and he spent like 15 minutes staring at his. Then I was like "shall we go order?" and he gave me his order! So I went up and ordered thinking he'd give me the money for it when I got back and he didn't! Then I was like... I'll go order a drink and he ordered a cider! Then this continued to happen. I'd wait like an extorionately long time between drinks and then get up to order another and he'd let me pay! Then at the end of the evening he was pretty drunk because he'd been drinking alcohol and I hadn't and I was sober! It was awful. Then he walked me back up to my bus stop and was all "I reallllly like yooooou and I want to seee yooou agaaaain" and I was like, um right. So I made some excuse as to why I had to leave right away! I did let him arrange another date with me but only to get him away from me that night! Then I emailed him to break it off because I was too freaked out by him to see him again. He sent me back this massive long ranty email about how girls never want to see him again and about how crap he is and omg. Want to know the best part? He was a trainee doctor, nearly finished in medical school and earning £25k and driving a sports car!! Sheesh, some people. =)
lovelie lovelie 8 years
My sophmore year in college, I went out with a guy I knew through mutual friends. I had seen him around, so I agreed on a date. Well, he calls me and we decide we are going to go to the thai restaurant half way between both of our apartments. He then proceeds to tell me that he'll either have to walk, or I could pick him up. So first we find he has no car..ok not a big deal in college. SO we get to the restaurant, everything is going pretty well...we talk casually about ourselves. It was a Friday, so he asked me to come back to his apartment because him and his roommates where having a little get together. I agree to that. So we are at his apartment, I know a good majority of his friends and all is well. Well we decide to go hang out in his room for a bit to escape the noise. Ten minutes later, some crazy girl storms in and starts screaming at me. She was balling and just all sorts of pathetic. Apparently, his ex had invited herself to the party and wanted to have a showdown with me. I quietly got up and left and later received tons of phone calls apologizing. I knew it wasn't his fault so we dated for about a month after that, but the crazy ex never went away and I stopped returning his calls.
rowlkitty rowlkitty 8 years
I guess I have two. The first one was with an ex I had already broken up with. We had dated for 2 years but when I went away to college several states away, I realized it wasn't going to work and broke up with him over the phone. Next time I came back to town he said he wanted to get together to talk and I agreed. I didn't want to but I figured since I broke up with him over the phone he probably needed to talk in person. He wanted to spend the day in DC (something I was always trying to get him to do and he never wanted) so we drove 30 minutes to the metro station in silence. It was awkward. Then by the time we got to the station all the parking spaces were filled and he just dropped me back at my place, in silence again. Pretty much the whole reason I broke it off with him was we didn't have much in common and that trip was a dead giveaway. The other one was a couple years into college I met a guy at a party. He was friends with a couple of my friends and they all vouched for what a nice guy he was, so I agreed to dinner. He was a nice guy, he paid for dinner but the only thing he talked about all through dinner was the boy scouts. I have nothing against boy scouts, my current boyfriend is one, but it was the only thing he would talk about. I would try to change the subject and somehow 5 minutes later it would work itself back.
Autumns_Elegy Autumns_Elegy 8 years
I've had two nightmare dates so far. First one was with an ex. He took me to a nice chinese restaurant, sat me down, and we proceeded to go over the menu. He decided to tell me that this restaurant used MSG. I think after dating a year he would have known I'm allergic to MSG. So we manage to order a meal specially made for me. When our food arrives he decides to tell me how mines going to make me so fat because it was nothing but a huge lump of meat. I had stir fried veggies with a few strips of beef. We chatted a little bit and got onto the subject of our pets as we're both animal lovers. He hates dogs and he begins telling me how "stupid, dirty and terrible" dogs are, I casually mention my German Shepherd, so he starts bagging on my dog! I made him pay and take me home, letting my lovely pooch scratch up his car and pee on the wheel. The other one was a new years thing at my other ex's. We decided to stay in with a bottle of champagne and watch SciFi movies. Sounded pretty good. So of course he doesn't tell me he hates champagne until I'd bought a very nice expensive bottle over to his. Lovely. After a movie or two he decides he's hungry, at nine at night. All the restaurants around us are closed and he hadn't planned dinner. He suggests a bowl of cereal, no thank's mate. So I decide we should cook together, I love cooking, he didn't know how and we would both end up with a good meal. He whinged and ranted about everything, from me asking him to defrost the chicken to my choice in sauces and especially when I had to use a sharp knife. Apparently I would blunt it by chopping carrots, I'm not that violent to vegetables but I felt like being violent to him! He went off to watch Charlies Angels and fiddle with his camera while I slaved in the kitchen so we could eat something. After I served him his dinner he just happily slopped about while I cleaned up and he decided to go to bed. Yay. Great new years there. My parents got the Champagne over french toast the next morning.
fashionplate525 fashionplate525 8 years
I have had a few bad ones but this tops em: I was 18 and working in a clothing store, next door to this super cute guy who owned a shoe store, and was a dj in LA. He was pretty hott stuff and came in often to talk with my co-workers and I. One day he asked me out on a date and I was thrilled. When the day came, he texted me asking if I would mind meeting him at his place, which was about 1/2 hour away from where I lived. I said fine and as I got there, I called to ask where I should park. He said, "Oh, actually, I was wondering if you would mind driving. cuz I've been up in LA all day." Again, although irritated, I said fine and asked where to. He said Hollywood. So for the whole 40 minute drive he proceeds to tell me his life story: his family, his ex-girlfriend, his celebrity connections, etc. NOt bothering to ask me one thing about myself. We get to the restaurant and he apparently knows the waitress. She is super flirty and friendly and when she walks away he informs me that he once, "bought her a car." Whaaat?? Then we go to an art exhibit where his friends were and he did not introduce me to anyone, did not talk to me or anything. When I dropped him off, I went inside to use the potty and noticed it was late...3am. So I said, Oh I gotta get going. He looked irritated I wasn't going to spend the night or something, and said, "oh okay bye" I asked, "umm..will you walk me to my car?" (Considering I parked far away, in a sketchy neighborhood, in the middle of the freaking night) His response: Oh why? Did you want me to? Umm..I guessss. Me: Yes, please. I never talked to him again!
LilyLyra LilyLyra 8 years
There was this guy my freshman year of college which I didn't particulary like nor hate, and he kept on asking me out. I never said no but I never said yes either, just always indirectly avoided it, even though we were taking classes together. So anyways I accepted to go out to dinner with him. I met him there, because I didn't want him to know where I lived, and when we arrived and the waiter gave us our menus, he said hungry? So I said not too much actually, because I wasn't lol. And so he says yeah I had dinner at home about an hour ago. Cheapest guy in the world. I sat through it though and it felt like forever. Ugh.
jazzytummy jazzytummy 8 years
Got set up by a good friend. Went out with this guy, hit it off, he invites me down to his house in central Oregon for a weekend. Felt ok about it, said yes. Two days before I leave to go down there, he calls and tells me his best friend killled himself with a shotgun. I felt horrible, told him obviously I wouldn't come down there for the weekend, but he still wanted me to come, insistant about it. Like an idiot, I went. We spent a few bummed out hours together, and he spent most of the rest of the weekend with the grieving widow and her kid. I left and never heard from him again. I heard a few months later from my friend that he married the widow.... OH WELL!!!
KadBunny KadBunny 8 years
You know, I'd actually take a pervert and or a crybaby over.. a dud. At least the other two would stimulate me somehow but the worst date I went on was with this sweet, really shy guy.. so I was prepared for some awkward silences (and was actually looking forward to the challenge) but holy crap. Starting a conversation with him was like pulling teeth.. and he asked ME out. I had to put in most of the effort. Just horribly, horribly awkward. Dumb movie, both pretty much just stared at the screen til it was over, walked home.. goodbye forever.
oohsexypenguin oohsexypenguin 8 years
My third date with my ex was the worst date I've ever been on. We went to a party one of my friends was throwing. I didn't drink, since I was the designated driver. My ex had an ENTIRE TRAY of jello shots. Needless to say, he was totally and devastatingly drunk. He was all over me the rest of the evening, literally falling over onto me and begging me to kiss him (we hadn't kissed yet, at that point). Whenever I would would leave the room, he would follow me. I ended up in the bathroom for half an hour, praying that he would forget about me! I don't know what the hell I was thinking when I continued to date him after that. I guess I was young, a bit stupid and way too willing to forgive horrible behavior.
Ac2366 Ac2366 8 years
Every date with my ex was bad. The man couldn't order anything without getting my approval first which was really annoying. He didn't have a drivers license so I always had to drive. Hell, he was a 38 year old man with no ID so when we went out he couldn't even order a drink. He also never had money so I always had to pay the entire bill. I'm getting mad just thinking about this! Grrrr
Spectra Spectra 8 years
My worst date was with this guy that I met online. I had talked to him quite a few times on the phone and I knew what he looked like (he was pretty cute), but I didn't quite feel a great vibe from him, so I thought I'd go on a date with him to see if I still wanted to see him again. Big mistake. He knew I was a runner, so he told me to wear shorts "so I can see your hot runner's legs". We went mini-golfing and the whole time, he had his hands all over my butt and hips trying to "improve my stance"...yeah, ok. Then we went to a movie, during which he tried to hold my hand and put his arm around me to touch my boobs the entire time. He suggested that we go to dinner, but by then I just wanted the date to end so I told him to take me home. As he was dropping me off, he asked if he could see me again for another date. I told him that I didn't think things would work out and I told him not to call me. He said he understood and then he grabbed me and kissed me! I was so mad...he was such a jerk. I got out of the car as fast as I possibly could and I didn't talk to that guy ever again!
Fallen85 Fallen85 8 years
ristenkay, Elimidate as in the show? He showed up with cameras or was he just trying to do his own lame-ass version of it?
girlnone girlnone 8 years
green_bean, my worst date story also involves a guy who cried. I met this seemingly cool guy through an online personal ad, and we met up at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (i.e. nice, public place). We didn't really hit it off, and when we stopped to sit in the sculpture garden, I was checking my watch. He started talking about his ex-girlfriend, and then, to my horror, he started crying. Like, openly weeping. We left shortly afterward, and the real icing on the bad date cake--as I'm heading towards the subway, he asks if I want to come back to his place!
yellowshoe yellowshoe 8 years
Hahaha, wow... I really have thought about writing a book about all the bad dates I've been on... one guy who seemed very polite and well-mannered, but then started on some awful racist tirade about minorities (he and I are both minorities, too... it was odd...), the guy who talked about every other girl he ever dated, the guy who informed me toward the end of dinner that he was married ("well, technically separated, but we are still trying to work things out"-- really? so why are you out on a date?!), the guy who cried (it was a sad story, but, I JUST met him), the guy who flirted the entire night with our server... yikes...!!!
RistenKay RistenKay 8 years
I'll never forget the "elimidate" I went on in college... the guy never told any of the five girls or myself about it being an elimidate. He actually expected us all to compete for his attention! He showed up to pick me up and had a car full of other chicks. I ended up going along with it for about an hour, then i ditched him once we got to the club and ended up dating his roomate!
inksee inksee 8 years
the funny thing is that the date started out nicely. i guess after he got comfortable, i started to see another.. "sensitive" side to him. it wasn't really that awful when he showed me his glittery nails or how trim his eyebrow was.. it was when he parked the car in the midst of driving to sing Mandy Moore's "only hope" to me that I curse my friend for ever meeting him and introducing him to me :)
itsme3683 itsme3683 8 years
Mine was my first year in college when a friend set me up with this guy who she had met at a party who she thought was really cool. Well, he showed up to pick me up (not at my house, at a very public location so I could pretend to leave if he was sketchy... I was dumb, but not that dumb) he had a pretty nice car and was dressed fairly well, if a bit boring, so I was like, ok fine. So we're driving to this restaurant that is literally a 5-minute drive down the street and I'm looking out the window and then I hear him fidgeting, so I look over at him. He had a HUGE BONER. (btw, I was wearing a blazer and jeans and a tee, like, it's not like I'm letting it all hang out here). So I texted my friend from the bathroom and was like, wtf, he's like 24 (I was 18), and he just got a boner in the car, and she was like, yeah, ok I guess maybe I was drunk when I met him. Thanks. So I had her and her boyfriend come to the restaurant and "randomly" bump into us so we could share a table. It goes on from there but it just gets worse and I'm not sure if I can relive it again...
partysugar partysugar 8 years
I've been on a lot of bad dates, but the worst in recent memory was when the guy first saw me he said, "Hey Jody!" My name is NOT Jody, nor is it anywhere near Jody.
dm8bri dm8bri 8 years
I'm not sure how I initially met this guy, but anyway he picked me up and right off the bat I could tell he was SUPER nervous. I felt bad for him. He asked the same questions more than once, his hands shook, and he got lost on the way to the restaurant - I directed him. Once there, I ordered an actual meal and he ordered...a beer! His excuse was that he had eaten a big lunch. Our date was at 8pm...even if he had a late lunch there was still at least 5 hours between meals. Anyway, it was really uncomfortable for me to be the only one eating, so I offered to share my food. He refused, saying he was allergic to something on my plate. At the end of the meal he discovered he had "forgotten" his wallet. At least he had only ordered 2 beers and not an elaborate meal, but still, he had invited me to dinner - he should have made sure he had his wallet and offered to go dutch. I did not hide my annoyance at all. He wanted to go to his place after and I flatly refused. I couldn't wait to get home. When he dropped me off he walked me to my door even though I told him it wasn't necessary and tried to kiss me. I leaned back and turned my head away so he ended up kissing my hair. As if the whole experience wasn't a big clue that I wasn't interested, he continued to call and text me for a month. His last text came at 9pm on a Saturday night, while I was out with some friends. He said, "are you asleep?" and I answered, "no." That finally ended the misery.
bastylefilegirl bastylefilegirl 8 years
LOL funny you ask my worst date was this weekend. I went out with a guy that I kind of had and idea ( he had been calling me and asking me to go to lunch for months) I wasn't going to like because I didn't really enjoy our phone conversations. Lets just say his in person convo was just as bad ( boring) and he talked about hisself for 2 hours. In addition to talking about himsself his conversation was all over the board he even threw and some stock market convo for good measure. Oh and when the bill came he sat there for about 10 minutes and then said " Oh I'm paying because I asked you out" WOW!
miss-malone miss-malone 8 years
Like a few others said, I have honestly never had a bad date. Maybe not quite perfect, but not disastrous or anything.. I've always had a nice time with the guys I've been out with in the past.
lindssaurussss lindssaurussss 8 years
three times. those were the ones where there was no chemistry whatsoever and no real conversation going on. totally uncomfortable. well thats the cons of online dating. lol
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