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Do Tell: Where Do You Keep Your Condoms?

Even if you don't buy your condoms in bulk, many of you might have a few laying around the house. It's common practice to keep them in your medicine cabinet or your bedside table drawer, but I've seen them in much more interesting places like in the kitchen or under the mattress! So where do you keep your condoms? Tell me in the comments below!


jelizabeth jelizabeth 8 years
I personally don't keep any with me. He can and will take care of that :)
Allytta Allytta 8 years
my "everything" drawer that holds all my medicine, vibrator, condoms, lubs, candy, cds, dvds, and it's in the kitchen :) that's what i get for living in a studio flat :D
WAAAAY to much information
brookeybabe0404 brookeybabe0404 8 years
i keep them in a little tiffany box in my bedside drawer. why not?
leoladie23 leoladie23 8 years
i have some in an old jewelry box in my closet
weffie weffie 8 years
nightstand drawer, bathroom cupboard, and a few in the basement (i use the rec room if my roomies are upstairs in bed haha)... i only keep lube and toys by my bed though
ms-jamerz ms-jamerz 8 years
Even though we don't use condoms my boyfriend and I keep a stash in our nightstand "just in case", along with some other fun things.
kikidawn kikidawn 8 years
We keep them in my nightstand - top drawer
stephley stephley 8 years
I don't want to read crap like this instead of news!
starangel82 starangel82 8 years
Box under the bed. My nightstand doesn't have a drawer.
Well since I buy in keep the big box under the sink and I put some in a metal box thats in my night stand on the lower shelf next to the bed. :D
xxstardust xxstardust 8 years
Boyfriend's top desk drawer when at school; my jewelry box when I need somewhere to keep them over the summer (as he shares a room with his 15 year old brother, his house is a bad idea! lol) .
vvvalerie vvvalerie 8 years
Nightstand. I feel boring.
Briandiesel Briandiesel 8 years
in a wallet box in my nightstand
Spectra Spectra 8 years
We don't use them, but all our "sex stuff" is in the drawer in the nightstand by the bed. Very handy.
dm8bri dm8bri 8 years
We keep our supply in the drawer of an armoir in the living room. It used to be in the bedroom, but the layout of our apartment doesn't allow for that anymore. My nightstand is a wood "TV tray", and his is a radiator with a board on top, so there aren't a lot of storage options in the bedroom.
greenapples1987 greenapples1987 8 years
they stay in the night stand table on both sides of our bed. my b/f also has a 'sex kit' that we take when we travel, that he keeps under the sink in the master bath. that is when we used that i'm on the pill we don't, but we still have back up.
Rebecca14916991 Rebecca14916991 8 years
My boyfriend's desk drawer, and my top dresser drawer in my place :)
bluebellknoll bluebellknoll 8 years
Beside table drawer has it all.
MegN MegN 8 years
I have a tool box at the end of my bed that keeps all that stuff. Why a tool box? Because I can lock it. And trust me, even with a latch, if I forget to lock it the cat gets into it and then all my business is all over the apartment.
appolgurl appolgurl 8 years
inside the pillow case. the kind that opens in the middle. so convenient!
Fallingfromtrees Fallingfromtrees 8 years
I keep them in a small bag with my "girly stuff" in my purse. Never know when you'll need um. ; ) They're also on my side of the bed in my table.
divinelight divinelight 8 years
In my desk drawer next to some pens and sticky notes and my passport. I use it more for storage than a desk though. :)
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