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Do Tell: Which Animal Would You Want to be?

In the right homes or best environments, animals can live pretty charmed lives. While animals in the wild must fight for their lives and their food, lucky domestic pets get fun collars, groovy beds and treats! If you could be any animal for one day, what kind would you be, and why?


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elleZA elleZA 10 years
A cat - in my own house...gosh my 2 boy cats have a royal life!
Trixie6 Trixie6 10 years
A wolf. They're my favorite animal. EIther that or the happy otter at our zoo.
Fancy04 Fancy04 10 years
I can't think of a animal I would want to be.
vanyvrgs vanyvrgs 10 years
Forget about me being my dog (we got our own communication going anyway), rubiala has the right idea, I want to know what it feels like to fly -- so an eagle!
rubialala rubialala 10 years
Cat or bird. Sleeping all day or the ability to fly...hard to decide. I do love to sleep though! :ZZZ: :LOL: Liger!
aistea311 aistea311 10 years
tiger, they are graceful but fierce at the same time.
nicachica nicachica 10 years
i'd love to be a LIGER! it still 2005?
kendalheart kendalheart 10 years
Some kind of large cat. Everyone respects them (well except poachers), they get to sleep all the time and when they eat they really eat! Oh yea they are also beautiful animals as well.
mandiesoh mandiesoh 10 years
tiger. they are fierce, cant be taken advantage of and look so sleek compared to lions which can look unkempt
vanyvrgs vanyvrgs 10 years
I'll like to be my dog, and maybe try to get him a little better.
brown-sugar brown-sugar 10 years
I think I'd want to be a bird just so I could fly, but I wouldn't be able to eat bugs (gross!).
Casimira Casimira 10 years
I'd like to be a penguin. Or a polar bear.
UrbanBohemian UrbanBohemian 10 years
Giraffes, because they're so tall :-)
honey31 honey31 10 years
A cat!I would love to sleep like they do and lounge around lol.
grl-in-the-world grl-in-the-world 10 years
It would be great to be a cat for a day (a well loved and cared for cat that is). They always look so comfortable and content. They get a lot of joy out of the simple things in life: a sunbeam, a treat, a toy, companionship.
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