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When you initially make friends with someone, it’s almost always because you have something in common and enjoy each other’s company. But as time flies by and life changes, sometimes the things that brought you together and the activities you enjoyed doing together change.

I’ve distanced myself from a few friends over the years whose lifestyle was no longer conducive to my own — they still want to party every night, and I like to be in bed at a reasonable hour. It’s amazing how changes in social life can make a difference in a friendship. Ladies, do tell: do you find this to be the case with your friends, too? Are you and your friends socially compatible still, or not so much?


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alexask alexask 8 years
yes yes yes! i started "partying" at a younger age i guess, from 14-20 i was crazy, always with older people, but always studied hard and did well in school. now i'm in college at a really pressuring engineering school, and things have changed, including my desire. it's just "not hot" being older and looking all crazy. a few of my friends i'm so proud of, and we're growing together. the rest...i just want to leave. even some friends with wealthier families and more potential than others, they just won't stop being kids. i'm currently trying to figure out how to untie's hard, like being in a loong relationship.
mondaymoos mondaymoos 8 years
I'm in a weird situation. My friends from my old city have more of the lifestyle I do. 40 hour work week, school nights and Saturday night dancing. I miss them sooo much. It seems like my group of friends here just wants to go out and get wasted every night. Not even dance and have fun! Just sit at a bar and get drunk. I guess I just don't understand the appeal... and a big part of me wants to back to my old stomping ground.
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 8 years
As I grow a little bit older and start to drift away from older friends from high school and stuff, I am finding new people who do like the do the same things as me. I still have some friends from high school, and they are my true blue buddies, and yes we usually enjoy the same things too!
danzerdrea7 danzerdrea7 8 years
I am a recent college grad, and my roomie and I moved to the DC area together. While I don't want to go out and party every night, I love exploring all the city has to offer culturally. Even though I don't have many friends here, I joined a singles activity groups and do stuff with them at least twice a week. I love it because I am making new friends, and getting to try new things. My roommate on the other hand stays in every night/weekend and watches reality tv shows. She thinks I joined the singles group to get away from her, which isn't true at all, I just need a more active social life. Unfortunately I think this will be our last year living together.
g1amourpuss g1amourpuss 8 years
yessssssssss. I went out 4-6 nights a week in my early 20s.. but now that I have a toddler, work more hours, and am in my late 20s I get kind of annoyed with it. I still love my friends all individually.. but sometimes I secretly wish most of them would grow up and have kids and just do normal stuff other than party all the time. I do admire the few that I know who are able to juggle friends and work and life and their families though!
brielleblonde brielleblonde 8 years
jennifer- i'm with you! some of my friends go out WAY to much (i'm in college), they go out like every night, which i can't do because i need to uphold a scholorship and graduate... and then some of my friends never go out anymore because they have boyfriends and like to have movie night every weekend. its hard finding people in between :-/ luckily my roomie/bff is just like me and goes out reasonably :)
kat-saavedra kat-saavedra 8 years
i find that the majority of my pals that i surround myself with NOW are socially compatible with me. we all have families and work odd days (hospital employees) but we all appreciate the value of a backyard bbq with some great company and a few drinks while our kids entertain eachother. the friends that i have kept in touch with over the years prior to settling down however are like myself, settled with families. guess i'm lucky :)
xojennifer xojennifer 8 years
Oh, i've drifed away from a lot of my friends, because for some reason, I seem to be the only one whos in the middle. I still party and go out from time to time, but not as much as some of my friends. Some of them are WILD. I dont know how they do it. And well the other half of them dont like partying or going out: AT ALL.
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