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Do Tell: Your Favorite Breakup Song

After reading some of the comments from my Do Tell on your secret heartsickness remedy, calibabi mentioned a great way to heal... listening to your favorite "breakup song"! Whether it is a sappy slow song that reminds you of all the great times you shared with your significant other or a loud, pissed off angry song, we all have one. So ladies, do tell, what is your breakup song?


tjfranco tjfranco 7 years
Sinead O'Connor's "Nothing Compares to You." Trust me, after the initial cry, you will feel so relieved.
breeana breeana 8 years
my all-time favourite break-up some is You Oughta Know by Alanis Morissette. I swear she predicted the future of my ex and I when she wrote that! haha. Everything from going down in a theatre to him telling me he was going to love me until he died. PERFECT! < 3
MariposaHermosa MariposaHermosa 9 years
These are some obscure/old ones, but really good. Voltaire - The Last Word "Far be it for I to leave all this beauty behind I will stay to watch you wither away And with any luck you may be hit by a truck And I will remain to dance upon your grave Oh, look, can't you see how much your death means to me Please won't you play in a busy street? Far be it for I to leave all this beauty behind I will remain to dance upon your grave" Stabbing Westward - The Thing I Hate (P.O.M.F.) (POMF stands for "Pissed off mother-f*cker") "You've treated me like I'm a worthless piece of sh*t You think you're in control but you make me sick I want to watch you suffer The way that you've made me suffer I want to f*ck up everything you've ever loved" And if you're going to listen to "I will Survive", make sure it's the version by Cake. For some reason, the more vulgar the lyrics, the happier you are to get over someone. "I should have changed my f*cking lock, I should have made you leave your key..."
lilwildone1202 lilwildone1202 9 years
i have to agree with drummer: "seventy times seven" is one of my favorite break up soo bitter "i cant let you let me down again" sappy HAS to be anytime by brian mcknight: "do i ever cross your mind anytime? do you ever wake up reaching out for me do i ever cross your mind anytime i miss you" omg i love his voice too another good bitter is fall out boy 'tell that mick he just made my list of things to do today" "lets play this game called when you catch fire i wouldn't p!ss to put you out no stop burning bridges and drive off of them so i can forget about you"
ecamille ecamille 9 years
Justin Timberlake- what goes around comes back aroundBeyonce-Irreplaceable
lindsaynoelsp lindsaynoelsp 9 years
Love Ridden- Fiona Apple Red High Heels- Kellie Pickler (great for the f* it, I'm over it attitude) Goodbye my lover- James Blunt Baby Can I hold you- Tracy Chapman Give me one reason- Tracy Chapman Over you- daughtry Mostly songs that are geared toward getting over it as opposed to wollowing
amborsita amborsita 9 years
"Good-bye" by Jagged Edge, if it's a breakup that was mutual and yet still hurts very much, or "Girl It's Over" by Jagged Edge if it's more of a "shut-the-door-forever" kind of breakup.
Ultress Ultress 9 years
oops typo--track is obviously Don't LIE (not don't Like)--BEP
Ultress Ultress 9 years
Carrion--Fiona Apple Hit the Road Jack--Ray Charles & the Raelettes Irreplaceable--Beyonce Smile--Lilly Allen Bad Boyfriend--Garbage Hurt--Johnny Cash Another Piece of My Heart--Janis Joplin Momma Said Knock You Out--LL Cool J Head Like a Hole--NIN Smack My Bitch Up--Prodigy I Don't Need A Man-PCD Hey F*ck You--Beastie Boys Walk Away--Kelly Clarkson Thought You Had My Back--Keyshia Cole I Don't Think So--Kelis Wicked Game--Chris Isaak My Happy Ending--Avril Lavigne (generally hate her stuff but this song fits the bill) Don't Bother-Shakira Don't Like--BEP Blood--Editors Lies--The Pierces There's More To Life Than This--Bjork Gloomy Sunday--Heather Nova Me, Myself, and I--Beyonce Fake as F*ck--Del Tha Funkee Homosapien Here I Go Again--Whitesnake (I Just Want It) To Be Over--Keyshia Cole Don't Let Him Waste Your Time--Jarvis Cocker A Mistake--Fiona Apple Stupid Girl--Garbage Kill! Kill! Kill!--The Pierces (it's not nearly as violent as the title would lead you to believe.) The First Cut Is the Deepest--Sheryl Crow Wake Up Call--Maroon 5 Overkill--Colin Hay Only Happy When It Rains--Garbage it's what I've been listening to for the past month.
Zammaneh Zammaneh 9 years
Apologize by Timbaland ft. One Republic. It's sad but at the same time really boosts a decision. Thanks for the other suggestions guys, I really need it right now.
brdwcitizen brdwcitizen 10 years
A Toast to Men by Willa Ford! "Heres to the men we love to love, here's to the men in love with us, heres to the men who pass on us. F*** the men lets drink to us!" It really helps lol
OMGSHitsKAT OMGSHitsKAT 10 years
For r&b lovers, Just Let it Go - 4tunes
vanyvrgs vanyvrgs 10 years
I forogt "nothing compares to you" by miss o'connor.
Crisonce Crisonce 10 years
ooh i like What is Love by Vivian Green and Now You're Gone by Floetry
Marci Marci 10 years
I already commented on this but I also thought of 'Everybody Hurts' by R.E.M. That's a good one when you're hanging your head in your beer
Twinkle1 Twinkle1 10 years
Ok the only one that comes to mind goes like this, ahem, "I can't live if living is without you...." Don't know the name of the song or who sang it but it's from the 70's.
peachygirl peachygirl 10 years
I have an entire playlist on my iPod dedicated to breakup songs. Some featured are "Shut Up" by the Black Eye Peas and "Let you go" by Ashely Parker Angel and "Walk Away" by Kelly Clarkson.
DearSugar DearSugar 10 years
Lexo- you don't have to limit it to one! keep them coming! and I agree brazilnut, Vintage Alanis Morrisette is great breakup music...
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