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Do You Believe in Spirits?

Everyone has a theory about what happens after you pass away. Some feel that you go to heaven, some believe you are reborn again, and some people think that when you die, your spirit dies too. Then there are those who think that your spirit lives on as a guardian angel, and that spirits are found among people who are still living.

I've never had a personal experience with a spirit, but my mother has. One time, when I was 11 or 12, my mom and I were in the kitchen and she told me she could feel her sister's spirit in the room. I got shivers because her sister had passed away a few years before. It definitely freaked me out to think that my aunt's ghost was walking around the kitchen with us, but it comforted my mom.

So I'm wondering, have you ever had a supernatural experience? Have you ever felt the presence of a deceased friend or relative? Or do you think there are no such things as spirits?


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DorianHunter DorianHunter 9 years
Personally, I believe that souls are infinite and immortal. They are the hosts of spirits...and I won't deny nor confirm the presence of spirits in our lives. I hadn't had any experience with them, though. I think, I chose to believe in reincarnation lots of years ago. It seems to me the most pleasing solution...I like the thought of it. Anyway, anyone can believe anything she/he wants. It's for FREE! And that is also a really proof of the wonder of life and consciousness! So, let's celebrate LIFE!
MandyJoBo MandyJoBo 9 years
I believe in them because of unexplained events and feelings I've experienced, but more so because when my Mom died, I felt her with me like she had just walked in to the room. At that moment, it was undeniable and extraordinarily peaceful. She brought with her a message, one of peace and preserverance, and a warmth rushed over my soul and I knew once and for all, that people don't just die. People are made of energy, and energy can't be destroyed.
amityaurura amityaurura 9 years
Yes, IN a cemetery, our rental house (which we are in LOVE with, by the way) is the old care takers home. We have all sorts of stuff happen, cold spots in the home, lots of doors opening/closing, things being moved around a lot. My boyfriend has these really intense moments where he smells people in our home,without a doubt. There is a man and a woman with fragrant perfume that come often. We have seen all sorts figures apparate/dissapate, and our cat seems t play with things that are totally not there. lots of stuff happens all the time. we kind of enjoy it. its like our link to beyond.
looseseal looseseal 9 years
IN a cemetery? IN? Maybe you need to check to see if you go through walls. It's possible that you're sending messages to us from beyond the grave. :D Don't leave us hanging! What goes on that science can't explain? emalove, you too, don't just dangle a juicy story and leave it at that! What happened in Key West? I love how this topic is bringing up all kinds of awesome stories. My only (sort of) experience is kind of lame. When I was a kid I was playing in a games room with a bunch of other kids, we turned the lights off, used a flashlight as a spotlight, and pretended we were rock stars. Anyways, we heard a slam at the Barbie playhouse on the other side of the room from us, where there is no one, and after we scrambled to turn the lights on, we find that one of the little plastic chairs is in pieces scattered all around in a way that's impossible unless someone moved it. And we were all almost positive that it was intact before we turned off the lights. We ran like hell out of the room. It's also possible that one of the kids broke it when no one else was looking and we were a bunch of silly kids with overactive imaginations.
amityaurura amityaurura 9 years
The house my boyfriend and i rent is in a cemetery, and i can tell you for sure, there is something going on that everyday science cannot explain. Sounds hokey, but its true.
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 9 years
Alright here goes I am a christian, and I hold the belief that there are evil spirits, demonic in nature that try to harm us. I dont believe that there are spirits of people chillin out in houses or haunting or talking to us through mediums. I dont think that there are angels protecting us, besides the heavenly hosts, my father is dead he isnt looking at me from a cloud in the sky. All souls are at rest right now, hence the Rest in Peace, and when the judgement comes ALL will be judged at that point, all that have gone before and all that are living.
Ashlyn-Rose Ashlyn-Rose 9 years
Yes, I believe in spirits. The afternoon my grandma passed away, I felt her spirit. It was weird and strangely calming. I think that she wanted me to know that she was okay so that I could comfort my cousins. I hadn't believed in anything really up to that point, but that experience changed me somehow. I still feel her sometimes. I think I smell her perfume when no one else does. We always had a special bond and I think that still exists after death.
sunlandseagirl sunlandseagirl 9 years
The universe is limitless and vast...I will never claim to know/understand all of its' workings. But I myself have never observed any visual paranormal activity......
SparklinSeahorSe SparklinSeahorSe 9 years
i don't discuss it openly with alot of people i know, but anyone who knows me well knows that i'm very spiritual and have been raised around metaphysics. my mother is a clairvoyant/energy reader and channels, my father is a licensed hypnotist, both my brother and sister are fairly psychic and i am an empath and i also channel. i believe 100% that we live multiple lives - some of us even hundreds of lives. in each life, we have a purpose... a lesson to learn. people who have "bad karma" really only have it because there's a lesson for them to learn underneath it all. i also believe, however, that everyone is entitled to their own belief system and i support whatever faith each person has. i think the idea of 'when we die that our spirits die and that's the end of everything' is a horrible (and honestly depressing) thought!
emalove emalove 9 years
Absolutely 100% YES. I've had a couple of scary, unexplainable experiences in my own life, although I have never seen a ghost. I have a close friend who really does seem to have a sixth sense when it comes to this stuff...we had a very scary experience together in Key West this summer (which is a very haunted place). I get chills just thinking about it...
veronicaraye veronicaraye 9 years
yes ever since like 6 people told me they've encountered ghosts or spirits
Jesi_Oh Jesi_Oh 9 years
I've only ever experienced little things - I smell my grandmother sometimes, it's a combination of smells from her house, her perfume and her makeup but I don't really know what. And it's happened everywhere from supermarkets to the beach so I know it really is her. And one of my girlfriends bathroom door constantly unlocks while you are showering (she got the lock replaced and it still happens). And my mum had a semi-awake dream once where she was walking around as what we figured out later must have been her dad as a small boy but when she realised what was happening it stopped
Damnit! I wrote out my story, and now I'm all teary! Need to go to the cemetary in a couple of weeks!
Yes. I believe a close friend of my boyfriend and me, who passed away really close to the time we first met and started dating, hangs around us. We've had really weird things happen. The most recent: On his birthday this past October we were watching something on TV about spirits. I was on my out the door to work, and, in my head, said "Ricky, if you're around, do something that let's us know, but won't freak me out." When I got home from work that night, we were sitting in our bedroom watching TV, just the 2 of us. Beside our TV, there is a gold butterfly candle holder sitting on a table, and the wings of the butterfly are on springs, so they can flap when touched. I was looking at the TV, and could see the butterfly out of the corner of my eye. Out of nowhere, it sounded like someone walked over and thumped the wings of the butterfly, and the butterfly was bouncing like crazy. I knew immediately what had happened, and got chills and teary eyed. I told Jeff what I had said to myself earlier and it freaked him out. I can feel his presence sometimes, like he's checking on us. I'm sure it sounds weird, and kinda twisted, but I think that him dying 2 weeks after Jeff and I met, allowed him to watch over us, and make sure that we ended up together. Jeff grew up with Ricky since grade school, and I'd known him since middle school, but kinda feel like "why would he hang around us?"
herjoiedevivre herjoiedevivre 9 years
I believe, because I get a lot of "psychic" feelings and as a child have had tons of dreams that came true- it wasn't symbolic dreams, it was just like a slice of the future. sometimes I wouldn't even understand what would occur because it was a flash of what happened years later. anyways, I always believed in spirits lingering, and I always wanted to see a ghost- when my grandfather passed away, I dreamt the funeral and had bad feelings the night of, but his ghost didn't visit me, and I was terribly upset and didn't believe in them. because if they existed, he'd come see me. but. I am a restless sleeper, and was house-sitting with a friend, and my best friend made me sleep in the basement because I always kick her when we share the one bed. anyways, the last night I stayed there, I woke up and saw this...pale white figure. it was a young boy, dressed in really, really old clothing. I could see...through him....barely, but I definitely could. it wasn't as paper-thin as they make it look like in movies- but I could see the outline of the doors. and then...he was gone. I made myself stay calm (I had to pack up my things and shower downstairs). somehow I made it until I ran up the stairs and, freaking out, told my friend. I'm never sleeping down there alone again!! but I'm thankful I finally got to experience a ghost.
Marci Marci 9 years
This isn't a topic I generally discuss because people get very weird about it. But I've had several 'visits' from people have passed away, several from my father. So yes; I believe.
kikidawn kikidawn 9 years
Yes, I believe. I've never had an experience with them, but my parent's have. When they were first dating my dad had an apartment that only had one window in it. This window was in the bedroom.... a long way from the living room. One night when my parents were there this tree/plant that was in the living room starting shaking back and forth. There wasn't a fan on, A/C wasn't on, and the only window in the apartment was closed (and all the way down the hallway). Also, my dad had problems with the facet in the bathroom turning on (full blast). My dad would twist the faucet knobs closed very tightly. And somehow they would just turn on and the water would be on full blast!! My parents think that the spirit was attached to my dad and resented my mother. When they would go out on a date and come back my mom's picture that was on my dad's dresser would be turned around and laying face down. Also, when my dad moved out of the apartment the things that my mom had there (clothes etc) went missing (including that particular picture!). So, yes I believe.
Nitrobezene Nitrobezene 9 years
Yes, I believe in the paranormal. My good friends speaks to the dead. They visit her and tell her to send messages to their loved ones. I think it runs in her family, because her 5 year old son can see them too. I think I would be shook up talking to the dead, but it'd be neat too.
k8-rckstr k8-rckstr 9 years
anyone who says no...come visit me for a night...i'll show you a thing or two...and you probably wont sleep for weeks...thats a promise
ccsugar ccsugar 9 years
Liss that is crazy. I mean I don't think you're crazy, that's just insane that happened to you.
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