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Wow. I had to do a double-take of Ashlee Simpson when I saw her in this recent photo on PopSugar. I totally thought that it was Kate Hudson!

I have one of those pretty generic looking faces where everyone is always telling me that I'm a dead ringer for someone they know. Since this happens so often to me, the question constantly comes up, about whether or not you believe that somewhere in the world, there is another person who looks like you. What do you think?

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Vannuccia Vannuccia 10 years
Quite a few people have told me I look like Penelope Cruz and others Mona Lisa!! Both of which I take as an insult- Penelope Cruz reminds me of a duck and Mona Lisa looks like a sulky cow :{
loveMYbitches loveMYbitches 10 years
I got told at least once a month that i look like someone else, i get ashlee simpson a lot, at least before she started making the duck face. I kind of used to take it as an insult cause, i always thought she was pretty unattractive. But ever since she got popular i have gotten that more times than I can count. i've also gotten drew berrymore, as well as several of peoples best friends sisters cousins aunts mom best friends daughters best friends sister.
Kbrooks1122704 Kbrooks1122704 10 years
People swear I'm a dead ringer for Lindsey Lohan, it was nice at first but now she's being acting all weird it's starting to become embarrassing!
JK-Boogie JK-Boogie 10 years
No...I always get people telling me that I look like Naomi Campbell but this is only because we are both tall, slim and black and for me that is were the similarities end. Beside I see it as a insult because I don't find her that attractive.
inertia inertia 10 years
I've been told that I resemble my favorite musician. My hobby is impersonating him in costume at concerts to entertain other fans (the musician is male, and I am female), and while the costume is the most important thing, it's really helpful to have a facial resemblance as well. I've been mistaken for the real thing a couple of times, and both my father and husband (who you'd THINK would know what I look like) have mistaken the musican's photos for pictures of me. (LOL)
The-City-Girl The-City-Girl 10 years
My friend brought me an article she ripped out of some magazine insisting that the girl looked exactly like me. I was skeptical but as soon as I saw it I got really creeped out. I think I'm really unique looking but these pictures could have BEEN on me--from every angle too! It was sooo weird. So yeah, we all have our doppelgangers!
Froggee285 Froggee285 10 years
Everyone has a twin, or a look alike. Theres no way with so many people on this planet that Everyone is original. That said, at the daycare I work at, theres a little girl, Sydney, who looks Exactly like I did when I was her age, its almost freaky. I brought in my preschool photographs and the head teacher thought it was so funny. The first day I saw her I noticed it and she must have too, she has this little attachment to me, follows me around and wants to play Barbies, or house. aww. Oddly enough, her parents look nothing like me Or my parents.
M155-J4CK13 M155-J4CK13 10 years
I have a very strange face, so I'm not sure on this one. I can definitely say that I have never seen a nose that resembles mine in the slightest. I broke my nose and it was left untreated. It is definitely one of the most unusual of my facial features.
TxHawaiianTropic TxHawaiianTropic 10 years
My mom claims to this day she's seen my "twin"! lol... so Yeah I don't see why not!
t0xxic t0xxic 10 years
Some one that looks like the old me maybe, but no one could possibly look like me now.
la_clique la_clique 10 years
In the world, def. There was a girl at UT while I was there that looked enough like me to confuse her friends when they saw me, and my friends when they saw her! I never saw her, though.
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