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Author Candace Bushnell might be married to a man 10 years her junior, but don't call her a cougar. In an op-ed out tomorrow in More Magazine, the Sex and the City writer laments the fact that women who break out of traditional roles are then labeled with a derogatory term. We have "ballbuster" female CEOs, "bitchy" politicians, and alas, "cougars."

Candace believes that people who use the term cougar are simply ignorant of the real appeal of dating younger men. Or maybe they're just jealous. Candace writes:

What I have yet to see is a real woman choose a younger man because he spent six hours a day at the gym trying to sculpt his abs. The fact that a man is open to being with an older woman suggests that he doesn't give a hang what other people think of him. More likely, he's confident, open-minded and willing to make his own rules. All of which just happen to be qualities that, much more than a great six-pack, make for a great relationship.

Do you agree that dating younger makes for a good relationship?

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