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I assume that since you are a Dear Sugar reader, you have a few relationships under your belt. I'm sure we've all gotten through the awkward and exciting experience of going from first base to all the way to home.

While going all the way is great, it seems like after you've done the deed for the first time, every time you get intimate after that it always leads to sex. You start off kissing and move onto other acts of foreplay, but it always ends up the same way. While I'd be happy with that outcome most of the time, whatever happened to good-old makeout sessions? I have such fond memories of French kissing on a guy's couch for hours and leaving it at that. It was so much fun, so exciting, and so innocent.

So I was wondering if you guys ever just make out anymore? Do you think it's possible to stick to first base after you've already hit a home run in the relationship? Or do you think that kissing always leads sex?


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