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Do You Go Hairless?

Hair down there might be going the way of female armpit hair. Among women 18 to 24 years old, 58 percent report going completely hairless some of the time, offering evidence that pubic hair is increasingly considered unsightly or "gross," just like all other body hair on a woman.

This week, Psychology Today examined how the Brazilian wax trend impacts sexuality. The article accepts that each generation produces its own trends (with the help of the porn industry), but also wonders if the new expectation makes young women feel obliged to wax and shave. The whole process is timely, costly, and painful, and it's troubling to think that women must alter their bodies just to please their partners' aesthetic preferences. But there's another side of the debate. One study found that women who wax report more sexual satisfaction and better "genital self-image." Couldn't that confidence come from knowing you're meeting the expectation?

Perhaps the key is groom yourself according to your own preference, not someone else's. What's yours?

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