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Do You Have More Girl Friends or Guy Friends?

Dear Poll: Do You Have More Girl Friends or Guy Friends?

When I was younger, I definitely had more female friends. Then when I was in college, I had more guy friends (I was very flirtatious) but now I'm back to having more girl friends because I happen to feel that men and women can't be friends. Sure, it's nice to have the occasional male companion, but if you ask me, women are so much more supportive, loyal, and understanding.

What about you — do you have more girl friends or guy friends?


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peachesmel9 peachesmel9 9 years
I've just never connected with other women generally. I've had a few girl friends since high school, but usually the friendships never last. I don't know how to act around them! Love my guys, though :)
Jacinthe Jacinthe 9 years
I go to a college where girls outnumber guys 5 to 1. I think everyone there has more girl friends than guy friends, regardless of their gender.
robins robins 9 years
guys always want to be more than friends that's why i have more girlfriends then guy friends...
rocketgirl rocketgirl 9 years
I'm an engineer so most of the people I see are guys. My CLOSE friends are female though. Some things just shouldn't be discussed with the opposite sex.
Robyn-Tang Robyn-Tang 9 years
In high school I was in a group with an equal amount of girls and guys, but was closer to the girls. Now it's just a few guy friends. Platonic relationships is a big, messy deal for me...once you get over some hurdles, it's okay. Definitely not easy though!
ktownpolarbear ktownpolarbear 9 years
girlfriends. although, for some reason among my friends who have mostly guy friends, i'm usually their one of their few girlfriends. although, i've noticed that my girlfriends with mostly guy friends, either tend to be higher maintenance (thus guy friends who want to be their boyfriends), or not that open (thus guy friends who stay at a distance).
laneylaney laneylaney 9 years
In high school and college I gravitated toward male friends but now I stay closer to the gals.
runtayrun runtayrun 9 years
I'm in college and have a few more guy friends than girl friends. I used to think that guys were easier to get along with...less drama and emotions...but now that I'm single for the first time in years I'm finding out that being "just friends" with guys isn't as simple as it used to be!
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 9 years
I have only girlfriends. I don't have guy friends anymore because they usually end up wanting more than friendship (even when I was married!).
misscoopa misscoopa 9 years
More girlfriends but my closest friend is male. I do enjoy men's friendship more, but (not to sound like an egotistical b*tch) I can't seem to have many who want to stay just friends.
SparklinSeahorSe SparklinSeahorSe 9 years
overall it's about even, but i find myself alot closer to my girlfriends that my guy friends. whenever i do get really really close to any of my guy friends, they end up wanting to date me and ruin everything!
bellanatella bellanatella 9 years
I definitely have more girl friends, but the guy friends I do have tend to be a lot more loyal and fun.
shugahxnxspice shugahxnxspice 9 years
I definitely have always had more guy friends than girl friends. I think guys are so much easier to talk to and I get along better with them. I grew up with two brothers so it's definitely a lot easier for me to hang out with the guys...besides, there's less drama than when I'm around girls.
Meike Meike 9 years
Computer Science graduate here. Like someone else said above, it was natural to befriend more guys than gals since they dominate my field. However, after joining my company which is part of the fashion industry it's been easier to find good girl friends. I'd say it's pretty even for me.
veronicaraye veronicaraye 9 years
guys are so much easier to deal with...but girls can be your best friend or worst nightmare/
tee0206 tee0206 9 years
When I first moved to Texas, I had mainly guy friends. Part of the problem there was that I was the lone girl living with three guys. Another factor was that I was always with three of my male coworkers. Now I'm up to having a handful of girl friends, and we even have weekly girls' nights. In high school, I mainly had guy friends. In college, I joined a sorority, and had many girl friends. Things are more balanced nowadays, though I still live with a guy.
JaimeLeah526 JaimeLeah526 9 years
I have more guy friends than girls. The only drama these guys have is with their girls. It's so much easier that way. I love my boys. My bestest girl acts like a boy and so do I. We're tomboys.
vavavoom vavavoom 9 years
pixelsugar pixelsugar 9 years
I've always had more guy friends than girl friends. I'm not really sure why. I'd like to have more girl friends though, I have a couple close ones and we always have such an amazing time when we're together.
bingkaycoy bingkaycoy 9 years
Since I was the only girl in the family for 15 years (before my youngest sister was born), my parents put me to an exclusive girls' school so I could make more girl friends. I attended that school until high school. Plus working with a career that involved more women, I have more girl-friends.
legallyblonde legallyblonde 9 years
I agree, Lambsauce. I have always had more guy friends...I just get along better with them. The girl friends I do have are really chill though.
mlen mlen 9 years
from college i have a real tight group of girl friends from my sorority. at home i always had a big group of guy friends. so i guess it is a good mix! i am a firm believer in the fact that you can be just friends with a guy! i have many guy friends who have always been and always will be purely platonic!
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 9 years
It's about the same... I have lots of guy friends (who are starting to be freinds with my man!!!) but I have my good handful of girlies too that I lvoe to death :D
Swen Swen 9 years
My best friends are all girls, but I do hang out with a lot of guys. I think girls make better friends usually, but I think it's easier to make friends with guys and they tend to be more laid back and easier to hang out with sometimes. The only problem is that sometimes when you meet a guy you think he's being friendly, but he's actually trying to get down your pants.
anna_muffin anna_muffin 9 years
I study Computer Science and that naturally comes with guy friends...but they've all found girlfriends in the last few years so by proxy a got girlfriends:) But I don't really have the shopping and gossiping kind of girlfriends...I have sisters and cousin for that;)
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