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An extremely politically correct cartoon-family is coming to a television near you. Mike Judge of King of the Hill and Beavis and Butt-head fame has created a new show — The Goode Family — which premiers on ABC tonight.

The Goodes are many shades of green. They use reusable shopping bags (not the ones made in sweat shops), drive hybrid cars, recycle, and ask themselves: what would Al Gore do? In addition to being environmentally conscious, they're also socially aware: they're vegans, have a dog named Che, and they even adopted a little boy from Africa. (Once they adopted Ubuntu, they found out he was actually born to white Afrikaans parents in South Africa. They still have him wear traditional African dress.)

The premise sort of reminds me of the South Park episode all about smug people in San Francisco. In that episode, the "smug" (smog) from preachy, hybrid car owners ends up causing an environmental disaster. Despite the similarities in using progressives as their targets, The Good Family does treat the earnest clan a little kinder than South Park would, making it apparent that the characters have genuine intentions.

Do you know anyone that tries a little too hard to do good(e)?

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