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Do You Let Men Drive?

I consider myself to be in the proverbial driver's seat of life, but when it comes to actually driving I prefer the passenger's side thank-you very much.

I find driving stressful and prefer playing DJ or looking out the window if I can. So when I'm in a relationship, my partner usually takes the wheel. I know it's not an absolute for all women — my sister considers herself a good driver and is more relaxed behind the wheel than at the mercy of someone else's abilities. Even so, Freakonomics blogger Eric Morris concluded that my preferences fits the mold. Based on his research:

183 people reported the man is the primary driver in their relationship, versus 51 who said the woman handles more of the driving chores. (37 said the driving is split more or less evenly.)

Some of the reasons offered for having men drive: high heels, men being able to hold their liquor better, and habits formed during dating when the men traditionally pick up the women. Do you let men dominate driving duties, or do you prefer to take the wheel?

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