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Last night's How I Met Your Mother was all about double dates and the couples who love them — and the couples who hate them.

In the episode, married couple Marshall and Lilly get so excited that their friends Barney and Robin are together because finally have another couple in their group of friends.

Unfortunately, Marshall and Lilly's previous attempts at double dating haven't gone too well. The eager pair comes on really strong and ends up scaring couples away. The same thing happens when they invite longtime friends Barney and Robin over for a couples night of cheese, charades, and margaritas. While they're enjoyable under normal circumstances, the fact that it's an official double date turns Marshall and Lilly into an overbearing and annoying duo. Barney and Robin have an awful time and end up trying to avoid any future double dates!

When you're in a relationship, do you avoid the classic double date, or are you eager to hang out with other couples?

Photo courtesy of CBS

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