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Do You Like Your Name?

My pregnant friend is tossing around names for her fourth child. It's like picking a college: there are reach names, which are so obscure that I know she'll never commit a child to for life, and safety names that are hard to hate but hard to love. And then there are the beautiful and dignified ones that aren't common or uncommon — names that are pronounceable and fun to pronounce. "It's weird what names you end up picking," she said, "sometimes I think if they were born on another day they'd have a different name."

She never said she regretted any names she chose, but she wouldn't be alone if she did. A 2007 survey found that three percent of parents regret their children's names. Sarah McCain Palin anyone?

While three percent isn't particularly high (21 percent of LilSugar readers admit namer's remorse), it doesn't account for the number of parents who won't fess up. But that's OK — I'm sure their kids will say how much they hate their names one day. So I'm putting the question to you: do you like your name, or do you wish you could have a do-over?

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