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Do You Like Your Name?

My pregnant friend is tossing around names for her fourth child. It's like picking a college: there are reach names, which are so obscure that I know she'll never commit a child to for life, and safety names that are hard to hate but hard to love. And then there are the beautiful and dignified ones that aren't common or uncommon — names that are pronounceable and fun to pronounce. "It's weird what names you end up picking," she said, "sometimes I think if they were born on another day they'd have a different name."

She never said she regretted any names she chose, but she wouldn't be alone if she did. A 2007 survey found that three percent of parents regret their children's names. Sarah McCain Palin anyone?

While three percent isn't particularly high (21 percent of LilSugar readers admit namer's remorse), it doesn't account for the number of parents who won't fess up. But that's OK — I'm sure their kids will say how much they hate their names one day. So I'm putting the question to you: do you like your name, or do you wish you could have a do-over?

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Stephanie-Marie Stephanie-Marie 5 years
My name is Stephanie and I wouldn't change it. Although it's fairly common in my generation It's not a name that came with expectations, I could allow it to fit me. And I like meeting Stephanie's, they always seem to be similar in personality, it can be an icebreaker.    Plus 3 syllable names go great with almost any last name, so when i got married it fit. I probably was saved from feeling like just another Stephanie in the crowd because my last name growing up was Bork, very uncommon. Also I would die if my name was spelled Stefanie, for some reason I associate that with uneducated people who can't spell. Also I would hate to walk around saying "it's Stefanie, with an "f" my whole life.
camilami camilami 6 years
I was actually named after both of my grandmothers. My first name is my dad's mother's name and my middle name is mom's mother's name. I love my name because of it's originality, in fact, the only other person I know of who shares my name is my grandma. Camary Diane. :) I do prefer to go by Cami though.
jpearson0619 jpearson0619 7 years
Its not good.I did not keep my name or call myself so either. It does not suit my persona
bottlegirl bottlegirl 7 years
my name is Ana Luiza and I don't really love him, but it could be worst so accept this. There are names that I love , so instead of changing my name, I will choose really carefully the best one and put in my kids, In a future of course.;D
lilmisclare lilmisclare 7 years
Well, my name is Emily. One of the most common names on this planet. Not much to say--other than everybody says its too common, and they hate it. The only thing I like about it is that my close friends and family call me "Emmy", which I like. Other than that, THUMBS DOWN. (other than I would NEVER change my name, cause I don't know what I would be?)
AntiBarbie AntiBarbie 7 years
my name is not common which is a reason why I like it but it's okay. I am not too into names
Berzerker Berzerker 7 years
I hate my name (Kendall), because I have yet to meet another girl with the name, and it's the most femmy-sounding guy name I've ever heard! When I get my last name changed (let's just say there are people I really don't want finding me any time soon...) I'm changing my first along with it.
Spectra Spectra 7 years
I love my name (Brittany) because there aren't many people my age with that name. My parents were ahead of the curve, I suppose. I do get kind of annoyed with all the new, trendy spellings though...lots of parents are naming their girls Britni, Britney, Brytknee, etc. and it's annoying. I was named after the French province, not the singer, so that's kind of neat I suppose.
RunningNina RunningNina 7 years
i love my name! Nina is perfect. that said, i used to HATE it when i was young because nothing ever had my name on it. all my friends had their pencils and notebooks and folders with their names on it and i never had anything. but once i got into high school i stopped hating it and then i started loving it. it's pretty and unique and i'm pretty and unique so it fits! ha. recently in NYC i spotted a rack of little NYC license plates with names on them and just looking for fun i found one that said "Nina" and right next to it was "Renee" name is Nina Renee. it was weird. funny enough, i had no desire to buy it, even though it had my name on it.
gabiedominiq gabiedominiq 7 years
I'm am going thru a legal name change from Jeanece to Gabie. I'm also changing my last name. Jeanece according to kabalarian philosophy is not a balanced name.Since I started to use Gabie, I get things done and have a happier dispostion. It really isn't that much trouble to change it.
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