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Do You Think There's an Ideal Age For Happiness?

I found the results of this study dubious, and then I read that Clairol Perfect 10 sponsored the research, asking 4,000 women between ages 25 and 65 at what age they were happiest.

The answer? 28, before visible aging occurs (wrinkles, gray hair — you know, the things Clairol has products for) and when sex is supposed to be best. (Wait, I thought sex was best for women in their 30s and 40s?) In addition to being happiest with their looks in their late 20s, the women surveyed said their careers and relationships were best in the 28 to 30 range.

A spokesperson for Clairol Perfect 10 said, "A little time put aside in hectic schedules for self-pampering and the odd beauty product can help keep you feeling young and looking your best." Riiiight.

What do you think — is there an ideal age for happiness?

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