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I'm way behind. You all were chatting about Army Wives coming back for Season two in the comments last week, and my interest was piqued. I caught the encore of the season premiere last night, and I clearly have catching up to do.

The New York Times latest review makes it sound like a show with a complex message saying, ". . . at the heart of the show is a deep skepticism about the psychological impact of military culture on family life, a distaste for the brand of masculinity it breeds. . . Army Wives reminds you how rare it is on television to bear witness to the shoddily appointed space. And how rarer still to see women who don’t know a whit about labels."

And uh, the scene with Roxy and her husband on the video? And the husband who was crying by his daughter's bedside? Amanda? Who is this? Help! I think I'm hooked. Plus John McCain watches it with Cindy. Are you a fan? Do we need to watch and recap? Will you fill me in on what I've missed?

To see McCain's Army Wives message,


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