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Dockers Free-Pants Super Bowl Ad

Super Bowl Ad Trend: The Emasculated Man

The Super Bowl had its share of innovative (vote on your favorite at Buzz), and the usual male-targeted beer, car, pants, and soap-for-men ads. But several starred an all-too-common man in pop culture lately: the emasculated one.

Dockers calls all pantless — and underwear-wearing men — to "wear the pants."
Sad-faced men walk through a field singing they "wear no pants." So it's really convenient that Dockers is giving pants away.

Watch ads for Dodge, Budweiser, and Dove after the jump.

Budweiser is so delicious, a man will sit through a book club meeting for it.
Picture it. Man is leaving the house while his wife and her friends sit down for their book club. He spots the Bud in a delicate bowl of ice and plops down on the couch. "Do you like Little Women?" one woman asks. "Sure," he says, "I'm not too picky."


Because a man tolerates your nagging, he deserves a Dodge Charger.
Several defeated men stare blankly into the camera with a voiceover saying all the things he tolerates to make second-person "you" happy. "I will be quiet when I want to say no." "I will listen to your opinions of my friends." "I will watch every vampire show with you." But, my God, he will have whatever car he fancies, and that car is a Dodge Charger.

At last there's Dove for the trapped family man!
If you're a man who's finally finished sowing your oats and accepted your role as husband, father, and jar-opener, then you're ready for Dove For Men.

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