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"Am I Overthinking His Feelings For Me?"

This question is from a Group Therapy post in our TrèsSugar Community. Add your advice in the comments!

My boyfriend and I were at a friend's place the other day. This friend is reputed to being very wise! So we were all talking about marriage and stuff and this "friend" said that he thinks two people should marry only when they are 100 percent what the other wants and if he/she is 98 percent what you want, the other 2 percent would make troubles sooner or later.

That night I was dancing with my BF — soon to be my fiance — and jokingly, I asked if I were his 100 percent. He said sure, what else do I need? Do you want me to count? You're beautiful, you have great body, you are emotionally available, you are kind and passionate . . .


The thing is, every time we're talking about loving each other he starts to count these characteristics and damn it gives me the feeling of being calculated! Like, you have this, checked, you have that, checked. And when ever I think about loving him I only think about loving HIM without any reason and loving all he is and has. This is why I am always paranoid that he does not TRULY love me and in fact he thinks that it's good for him to love me and be with me!

Am I over analyzing this? Am I panicking because I'm thinking about spending the rest of my life with a man who pretends to love me? And do you think the above mentioned friend is right? I mean, I thought two people must work through their difficulties and things they are different in.

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