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Donald Trump Lets Miss California Keep Her Crown

Stop the presses! Carrie Prejean will remain Miss California!

With the all the TV cameras pointing at him during a press conference today, Donald Trump announced that controversial Miss California will keep her crown.

Prejean's explanation that she is opposed to gay marriage, said Trump, was "honorable" and "honest," and he pointed out that President Obama gave the same answer. Bringing Obama into this is sure to give the story more time in the press (if that's possible). As for Prejean's topless photos, Trump determined that the pictures are fine, considering the Miss USA pageant is a "modern" pageant.

Prejean spoke for herself too. She was just giving her respectful opinion, she claimed, based on her upbringing, that marriage should be between a man and a woman. She argued that the attacks against her for exercising her freedom of speech undermined her constitutional rights. (Wait — don't the attacks count as free speech too?)

The still-crowned Miss California explained that she wasn't the most outspoken proponent of traditional marriage, but thanks to the media storm, she's become the most visible. Judging by the panel of experts that preceded and followed the press conference on cable TV and the crowd of reporters in attendance, it seems she's correct.

Do you think the Miss California saga has offered an important jumping off point for the gay marriage debate, or is it time to put this story to rest?

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