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The Dos and Don'ts of Tinder Pics

The Dos and Don'ts of Tinder Pics

The whole point of Tinder is making snap judgments about people based on their looks. Therefore, a good profile photo is of the utmost importance, which makes some of these choices extremely puzzling. We've done some extensive research into the men of Tinder to come up with this list of dos and don'ts that will determine whether your photos get a "nope" or a swipe to the right.

Do pose with a cute animal . . .

And by "cute animal," we don't mean a tiger. Unless it's a baby tiger!

But don't look too excited about it.

We don't want to compete for attention with your cat.

Don't pose with a hot celebrity.

You might think it increases your cred to pose with Ben Affleck, but really it just makes us think, "you, sir, are no Ben Affleck."

More very important tips after the break.

Do actually have a profile photo.

You're be surprised how many guys have no profile photo at all. Maybe that's working for them?

Don't pose with another woman.

Maybe it's your sister, but still: not sexy.

Or two other women.

See above.

Or two other guys.


Don't use a photo of a baby. Especially an unhappy baby.

Maybe you are a proud uncle or father. Great! But you could just say that in your profile.

Do employ subtlety.

Crotch shots are never subtle, even if you are wearing pants and especially not when you are holding a bottle of booze.


Don't Photoshop your head onto something bizarre.

This is probably an inside joke you find very hilarious, but to us, it's just creepy.

Do show off your hobbies.

Why not use a photo that says something about what you like to do? Especially if it involves you looking hot shirtless.

Don't wield a firearm.

Hobbies are good, unless your hobby is guns. Tinder makes us trepidatious enough without you posing with a gun.

Don't stage a shirtless pic.

Shirtless in a natural shirtless environment is fine. But a blurry shirtless pic in front of your bathroom mirror is not OK.

Don't use a blurry photo.

Is a grainy, red-eyed snapshot really the best photo you have of yourself? This isn't very encouraging.

Don't post a headless photo of yourself.

Minus two more points for posing with your arm around another woman.

Do look interested.

We're already worried that you're going to look at your phone too much during dinner. Don't start now.

Do keep it casual.

Try to showcase you best everyday look. Then again, maybe nail polish and a tiara is this guy's best everyday look.

Don't forget what year it is.

All the kids are on Tinder nowadays! So a retro vibe probably won't help your chances.

Don't . . . just don't.

That blue paint could really be problematic at the end of the night.

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