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Dear Sugar
I have a really cute cream colored cocktail dress that I'd like to wear to a wedding. I've read somewhere that guests should not wear white out of respect for the bride. But is cream/yellowish white too close to white for
me to wear? Anxious Attendee

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Dear Anxious Attendee
If you are really concerned about it and you are afraid that you are going to feel uncomfortable - don't wear the dress. But since it's a creamy/yellowy color, and it's not long, makes it OK. It would be different if it were very formal. Then it may resemble a bridal gown - and that's not OK.

In the past, I've gotten the bride's approval if I was unsure about a light colored dress. Are you close enough to her to send her a picture or to stop by?

You just have to remember that this is her 15 minutes of fame and you don't want to do anything to detract from it.

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