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Drug Czar Says Russian Athletes Are Systematically Doping

Russian athletes may be systematically doping, according to the International Olympic Committee's drug chief. Speaking about the suspensions of seven top Russian athletes, Olympic drug czar Arne Ljungqvist said that he believes the cheating was organized, not planned in isolation by the individuals, and that the athletes in question should rightly face the World Anti-Doping Agency's four-year ban.

Meanwhile, winners of Olympics past have 'fessed up to their steroid transgressions. Today the IOC praised sprinter Michael Johnson for returning his Sydney 2000 gold medal for the 4 x 400 relay, after a teammate confessed to doping. Perhaps when the cheating victors get to bask in the medal ceremonies and media attention at the games, it doesn't mean much when their disgrace plays out in a few lines, eight years later. While watching the games, do you suspect that the best athletes may have a few drugs to help them out?


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