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This or That: Drunken Debauchery

Out with a large group of friends, including the newest guy you’ve been seeing, you end up drinking too much too fast. Before you know it, the night’s passed you by in a blur. You’ve definitely had one or two too many and your date has to practically carry you home. Would it be worse if on the way home . . .

This: You get sick all over him? He’s covered in your dinner from his waist down, and even though he’s nice about it, you can tell he’s completely disgusted.

Or …

That: You foolishly decide to bring up your ex and without realizing it, you're rehashing old relationship issues? You’re sure your new guy couldn’t be more turned off.


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calli-gurl calli-gurl 8 years
ex is worse. if i puked, and if he was a nice guy, he would take care of me. but bringing up an ex, that just aint right
AQ144 AQ144 8 years
I hope nobody acts like this has never happened to them first of all, haha, but out of those choices I would pick blabbing about exes because surely they've been around drunk, verbose people, everyone has! But puke on him? You'll be the story he's telling as an anecdote to his friends for the next decade.
BlairBear BlairBear 8 years
I agree with cmill38, Puking is disgusting and all but if I were to talk about my ex, I would look like I was a disgusting person on the inside. Puke washes off and maybe it could be a funny story later. Talking about an ex would be a deal breaker for most.
bluestar bluestar 8 years
Ummm...I'm sure that if I got drunk enough to puke, I would have already been going off about my ex all night! LOL
cmill38 cmill38 8 years
i'm on the opposite of most of you ladies. i'll i agree that vomit is totally disgusting and that would be way embarassing, it does say that he was nice about it. if he's a nice guy maybe he'll get over it and the two of you can laugh about it later. however, bringing up the ex, which most of us have done, turns him off. if this happens then there might not be so much laughing together about this. you probably won't be hearing from him much more.
Greentea1203 Greentea1203 8 years
puke is way worse. everyone talks about their ex at some point, esp. when they're drunk!
zabrow zabrow 8 years
puke is wayyyy worse. i've done the rehashing ex-boyfriends with a new boyfriend when i was super drunk. it was super embarassing the next morning, but i would have been ten times more embarassed if i'd barfed on him.
designerel designerel 8 years
yup puke is worse. the smell of it... ugh just thinking about it makes me gag.
iamangiepooh iamangiepooh 8 years
I agree with the above poster. Throwing up would be wayyyy worse. Gross.
skigurl skigurl 8 years
the puke would be WAY WORSE! even if he breaks it, for whatever reason, you'd be much more embarassed if he told people the reason why if it involved puke
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