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Dry & Sensitive Summer Skin

Dry & Sensitive Summer Skin

Dear Sugar
I have problems with dry skin patches all year round but this summer it is simply awful. My nose looks like it is perpetually shedding a second skin. I have tried so many products and nothing seems to be working and now I am desperate. Being a redhead, I have sensitive skin and I was wondering if you know of any really great facial moisturizers? Red Head Heidi

To See DEARSUGAR'S Answer,

Dear Red Head Heidi
Red heads generally have sensitive and fair skin. Do you wear sunscreen? You should be applying it 30 minutes before you go outside. The SPF rule is for every 10, reapply each hour. For example, for SPF 20, reapply every 2 hours, and for SPF 30, reapply every three hours.

I think that you should go and get a facial if you can afford one to get rid of all of your dead skin cells on your face. If you can't do that, then exfoliate. In the summer, your skin grows faster (relative to how much faster your hair grows).

And if you burn the top layer of your skin, then you need to use a light exfoliator like YonKa's Gommage 305. It adheres to the dead cells and removes them as opposed to scratching off your skin. It's great to sleep in as well; it's super gentle and it also helps reduce redness. This is YonKa's best selling product (by the way).

Then, use a moisturizer for dehydrated skin (water dry skin as opposed to oil dry skin). Try Dr. Hauschka's Quince Day Cream for day. This is a light moisturizer to help hydrate dry and sensitive skin.

And use something stronger, such as Osea's Essential Hydrating Oil for night. This is a heavier hydrating oil for night since it's more of a treatment.

Then, at the end of summer, (if you can) get a good facial to clean out your pores from all of the sunscreen that you've been using.

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t0xxic t0xxic 10 years
EP*** aquaphor all the way! lol my son has ezcema bad (my poor pookie) but use the aquaphor as soon as u get out of the shower while ur skin is still wet. A key thing in keeping moisture is putting moisture and lotions have a little bit but heck what is water?? right? My sons dr also said that mineral oil mixed with vaseline (pretty much same formula as aquaphor but about 10bucks cheaper)we also found that the extremly ruff patches are helped by cortaid 12 hour. That along with oatmeal baths finally has my son away from the scaly skin days lol
georgie2 georgie2 10 years
I have very dry sensitive skin too. I have to be forever diligent with my skin care regime and am careful about introducing new products. Diet is important too. Some fruit (like Mangoes) irritates it. Keep seafood like prawns to a minimum. and I've been told beef is bad, but I've not experimented with that see the effect that has on my skin. And of course, get plenty of sleep, drink water and stay out of the sun!
ethiopian_princess ethiopian_princess 10 years
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