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Dudes For Palin? What the Times Is Saying About the GOP

You know how there are just some girls who always seem to have a pack of guy friends? According to the Times, Sarah Palin is the candidate equivalent of that. With crowds that seem to be tipping heavily male (I suppose the legendary Joe Six-Packs?) the vocal man-fans aren't afraid to be heard. With calls of, “You tell ’em baby,” and “You rock me out, Sarah,” Palin seems to be comfortable with the demographic saying, “I feel like I’m at home."

At one rally a female supporter taking a snapshot said of the ratio, “This is not a ladies campaign. There seem to be lots and lots of guys here. I’d guess 70-30, maybe 65-35, men to women. It’s quite noticeable to me.”

To see what the Times had to say about another woman on the trail, Cindy McCain, as well as Christopher Buckley,


This weekend also saw a piece on Cindy McCain the response to it has vacillated from "humanizing" to "gutter journalism." Touching on her challenges as the second wife in Washington, her substance problem, and ties to the Keating scandal, the piece also notes: "Mrs. McCain has exhibited the signal trait of the political spouse: a burning desire to win."

Christopher Buckley also got his time in the Times sun this weekend, with a feature on his now famous decision to back Obama. In the piece one friend says, “When you live in that Buckley bubble all those years, you’re not really allowed to say what you think. This is probably the last liberation for him. He put his flag in the sand.”

What do you think of the Times' coverage of the Republican Party recently?

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