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Dumped for Ugly Girls

Dear Sugar
I'm a 20 year old lesbian living in a small country town. I am pretty, slim, intelligent, well-off, employed, funny, well-dressed, charismatic (did I say arrogant?) - The list goes on. The issue is not that I'm a lesbian - I'm quite at home with that - the problem is that I appear to be in a bad cycle. I meet a girl, we date, I fall in love, she leaves me for a less attractive, less intelligent, much more poorly dressed individual, and then still attempts to sleep with me. But does not want to go out with me. And when I say less attractive, I mean buck-toothed obese horrors that I wouldn't touch with one perfecty manicured toe. Whenever I am with a girl, there is always some gorgon hanging around my woman like a bad smell, and while my back is turned, she's in! I don't understand why I can't keep a woman? I'm not over protective and I'm not jealous. I'm trusting and giving. All I ask is she respect my friends, family and doesn't touch my shoes. What should I do? (I hear men are no better) Wailing Princess

Dear Wailing Princess
I am sorry to hear that you are having such bad luck with the girls. You sound fabulous. Are there any other readers out there who think so too? Please write in!
One thing that comes to mind is that you are 20 years old. Perhaps the girls you are meeting and dating are using this time to explore and play the field. It sounds like you are looking for a special someone and these ladies are just not ready to commit. The next time you meet a girl you really like, try to keep things slow at first and see if you get the chance to read her a little bit better before falling for her. Keeping your guard up can be a good way to protect yourself. I know it's not fun to play the game, but if you want to figure out what's going on, you've got to change it up. Also, have you ever thought that maybe these girls are jealous of you? Maybe because you are so great, they find you threatening. It could be why they go after busted up girls after meeting you. Good luck and keep me posted!

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