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If you haven't noticed by now, I am a huge fan of E. Jean Carroll. And just in case you have been living under a rock and somehow missed her weekly column on DearSugar, click here to get all caught up, you won't regret it, I promise! In the meantime, if you're a super fan like me, check out yet another smart and witty video of E. Jean herself dishing out some advice on how to handle the world's worst boss. I'm pretty sure we can all relate to this video so enjoy, and stay tuned until Thursday for E. Jean's new Q&A!

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Lillyming Lillyming 9 years
Such excellent advice, but I can't, I can't, I just can't. I have no sucking up DNA. I just reminds me of everything that's wrong with the world. BUT, I'm willing to bet you have some wisdom to share on how to do it without feeling compromised. If I could find a way to laugh it all off and not sink to into obsequiousness, it could work. Next question: How to do it without compromising your dignity? What psychological games do we have to play with ourselves to suceed at such evil genius? Your advice was, as always, illuminating.
Wonderfully conniving advice! The bubblebrained moron will not know what hit him!
lilstout33 lilstout33 9 years
Done and done. Looks like after we all follow your scrumptious advice... there will be a lot of happy tiny people from the totem-poles making their way to the top. And a lot of unhappy bosses... watching re-runs of NEXT on MTV. Evillll laugh...
sylvieK sylvieK 9 years
thank god, "sexual favors" was not on the list of advancement techniques especially considering that attractive bosses are scarce. props, e. jean. i especially dug the sucking up to the boss's boss. now that is thinking strategically.
Daphonay Daphonay 9 years
I actually had that boss, did all the stuff, quit and then he was an amazing reference for my next job. Good advice!
Lipstick500 Lipstick500 9 years
Yikes. Stroking a man's ego is so difficult for me. I need tips on HOW to do it! Like, is rubbing up against him too much? Kidding. Great advice! Even for the most cynical of us! E. Jean WILL turn my frown upside down!
jakedenn23 jakedenn23 9 years
i wish i had a boss so i could fire them some day. but i do know from personal organizing-- flattery will always get you overtime, tips and good gifts from people who actually pay you to to hang out in their homes and tell them what to do.
NaijaSugar NaijaSugar 9 years
I once had a boss who always turned to me to demistify "verblackular" (you know, like vernacular, but with a chocolate twist)...she thought she was so cute and funny. One day it would be, "Ashley, can I call you dawg", and another it would be "Hey girlfriend ::snap::"...I don't talk like this and was quite insulted at the insinuation...Being smart, resourceful, and a devoted E. Jeaner I decided to teach her some "verblackular". Let's just say to this day she goes around calling people "skank beezy" because she thinks it's comparable to 'hey girlfriend'...wonder where she could have gotten such incorrect information... Sometimes you have just GOT to be cruel to be kind...well, not really, but a mentor like E. Jean you teach you to put a sugar twist on ANYTHING. If I were in a commercial I'd flash my pearly whites in the cheesiest way and exclaim "Thanks E. Jean!"
VixenMJ VixenMJ 9 years
E. Jean, I stroked my boss' ego once. Long story short, his wife keyed my car and I ended up being transferred to another division...but the other techniques you mentioned are great! This person should stick to those.
Sania-luvs-u-2 Sania-luvs-u-2 9 years
Why, E. Jean, did I just catch a glimpse of your Dark Side???
tarynmkerr tarynmkerr 9 years
As usual E. Jean your verb usage sparks my brain waves! "Stroke his ego" is the best thing i've heard since "Amen!"
SwissMIster SwissMIster 9 years
This adivce seems to come from someone with a bit of E a naughty one?? Regardless, the masses ought to get themselves conncected to this site and lose some of that ignorance they're known so well for.
amykc amykc 9 years
Wicked. Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. Way to be smart and brutal.
missyags missyags 9 years
This advice is so conniving and cruel. I love it!
missmaddie missmaddie 9 years
A boss is called such for a reason... just be glad he's only that to you from 9 to 5! God bless the feminist movement!
bondinx bondinx 9 years
Even the mighty mistress E.Jean believes in humility.
minxieminx minxieminx 9 years
Flattery will get you everywhere... even moving up the work ladder. Delicious!
MaliMcG MaliMcG 9 years
Excellent advice! You can catch more bees with insincere compliments. Make nice and you'll make partner. Dear E. Jean, how can one woman be so right so much of the time...answer me that!
Nan-Einhart Nan-Einhart 9 years
E. Jean is the best. I have been a fan for many years.
books-and-shoes books-and-shoes 9 years
Dammit! Not allowed to stream videos at work :(
SassAndBide SassAndBide 9 years
love her!
c0rkie c0rkie 9 years
hahaha i love it!!!
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