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If you haven't noticed by now, I am a huge fan of E. Jean Carroll. And just in case you have been living under a rock and somehow missed her weekly column on DearSugar, click here to get all caught up, you won't regret it, I promise! In the meantime, if you're a super fan like me, check out yet another smart and witty video of E. Jean herself dishing out some advice on how to be happy. I'm pretty sure we can all relate to this question so enjoy, and stay tuned until Thursday for E. Jean's new Q&A!

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missyags missyags 10 years
Oh, Auntie Eeee! You said it, lady. The only thing I'm wondering about is #8. Did you say, "Stay keyed into other people's sanity, you'll get whatever you want"? What does that mean exactly?
amykc amykc 10 years
LURVE LURVE the list. And the doggy. SOoooo cute. Everyone should have one.
NaijaSugar NaijaSugar 10 years
How to be happier? It's simple my the first 30 seconds of this video over and over. The pooch has perfect comedic timing, and E. Jean...well, the advice is dEEEEEElish, as always!
Sania-luvs-u-2 Sania-luvs-u-2 10 years
#11. Lol around in your pj's with your puppy. How did you guess, E. Jean???
SwissMIster SwissMIster 10 years
Amen E amen, happiness has to be found not prescribed. That puppy of yours sure is cute.
LauraRogers LauraRogers 10 years
"Dress like you want to be treated." Hmm. . .how, exactly, does the Always-Right Queen of the Universe dress, Miz E? I like your pink pajama idea, personally.
Lillyming Lillyming 10 years
Excellent list. I think you should add pet a dog everyday. Dogs are happiness machines. So are cats, but they're harder to find on the street. I'm happier already.
Mother-Wit Mother-Wit 10 years
Words to live by!
tarynmkerr tarynmkerr 10 years
"Don't chase after morons with money" UGH I love it beyond belief! My physiological self can't take in the marvelousness of it all!
missmaddie missmaddie 10 years
Forget the Knights of the Round Table... I vote for a new not-so-secret order called Vixens of the Supreme Advice-Giving Abilities and Unparalleled Foxy Fashion Sense! Ok, maybe that's a little long. But this list should be our Chivalric Code. We SHALL take over the world.
minxieminx minxieminx 10 years
Yes, if you had that pup you'd be doing #5 all day long!
VixenMJ VixenMJ 10 years
#11...get a dog as adorable as E. Jean's
sylvieK sylvieK 10 years
wait, don't eat like a pig? what about a piglet, e. jean? i think rule #1 says it all. i'm working on it...
lilstout33 lilstout33 10 years
I am tickled by all the PINK going on. If that isn't enough to make me happy...than I just don't know what is. You should have a book... Auntie Eeee's How To Guide. Filled with all of your scrumptious advice! Has my mouth watering right now. Yummm.
JRStudenroth JRStudenroth 10 years
This list is a gem. It should be printed on a tiny index card and kept in the wallets of all. In fact, I might just do that! Fabulous.
Le-Luxe Le-Luxe 10 years
LOVE her!!
PJ-PJ-PJ PJ-PJ-PJ 10 years
God, I love E. Jean! Is is silly that my favorite thing in the video was her interaction with the dog? So adorable. Just when I was thinking what a perfect set of rules that was, she tells me to make my own! I'm so lazy. I don't want to make my own! Most of those are the way I try to live life anyway. I'll need to go shopping to get back into #7.
emma- emma- 10 years
Make up your own it. : )
askfrasco askfrasco 10 years
I love the no chair look!! This makes me happy!!
Fitness Fitness 10 years
#2 - Don't eat like a pig. I second that E. Jean! If you overeat things that re unhealthy, you'll have no energy to do all those things that really make you happy.
EJean EJean 10 years
Miss Beloved! It is old Auntie Eeeee, the Advice Columnist for Elle. Nice to meet you, darling! Thanks for the delicious words!
BelovedAmI BelovedAmI 10 years
Wha, wha, wha ... WHO is THAT! VERY COOL!
tati33 tati33 10 years
Right on E. Jean!!
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