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E. Jean Comes to Life!

If you haven't noticed by now, I am a huge fan of E. Jean Carroll. And just in case you have been living under a rock and somehow missed her weekly column on DearSugar, click here to get all caught up, you won't regret it, I promise! In the meantime, if you're a super fan like me, check out yet another smart and witty video of E. Jean herself being straight up about women judging each other - we have all been there I'm sure so enjoy, and stay tuned until Thursday for E. Jean's new Q&A!

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tarynmkerr tarynmkerr 9 years
Oh the beauty of it all...E Jean you even dropped a line about a famous anthropologist! BE STILL MY HEART! Love love love the advice, i'm not sure what I would do without the almighty E Jean!
Sania-luvs-u-2 Sania-luvs-u-2 9 years
Smashing advice. Next time a woman passes me in the street, I'll be sure to remember that she's just judged my entire life based on how well my shoes match my skirt. Hmmm, I think you need your very own television show, E. Jean, in which to broadcast your life-altering Words of Wisdom ;~)
lilstout33 lilstout33 9 years
Like the saying goes... You can only make a first impression make it a good one! (Or it goes something like that.) Dressing for success is key. If people like what they see the first time around...they come back for seconds. Your advice E. Jean! Once again...has struck my fancy!
bondinx bondinx 9 years
Gosh Darnit, anytime someone mentions The Experts at Rutgers it is difficult to concede. People are judging. There are too many people on this planet to dress to impress all of them. Plus, no one could change clothes with the speed the statistical evidence requires.
amykc amykc 9 years
Right on, E.Jean. Putting the extra effort into your wardrobe will save you time from worrying about what others think about your wardrobe. Besides, don't people dress the way they feel and feel the way they dress? If you look snazzy, you'll feel FABULOUS.
VixenMJ VixenMJ 9 years
"Dress how you want to be treated." Great advice. Plus, I would much rather spend time dressing how I want to be treated than treating other people how I want to be treated. Being nice takes so much effort.
NaijaSugar NaijaSugar 9 years
What can I say? I knew one day I'd be facing judgment for judging those who judge, but in fashion court unique, sexy, and fabulous minds reign supreme...ALL HAIL HONORABLE JUDGE E.
KristaLynn KristaLynn 9 years
Love the advice! Outfit, not so much.
Lillyming Lillyming 9 years
I think this is my all time favorite advice of yours. It not only rings entirely true--I don't just judge people on the street, I judge them on television too--it gives me a solid reason to buy that gorgeous black jacket, oh you know the one, at the place, by the thing... We don't only check each other out to be judgemental. It is part of the mental process of taking in and sorting sensory data. If our brains didn't stick things in categories at lightening speed, we wouldn't be able to cross the street due to all the distractions. Could you be my personal mentor and sartorial guide?
Mother-Wit Mother-Wit 9 years
Oh, E. Jean, how I remember it well! Now, I just throw on whatever makes me comfortable!
To-Wit To-Wit 9 years
Drat! I knew I shouldn't have put on that hoodie this morning. You never know when you'll be walking down the street and run smack dab into E. Jean or Nina Garcia. Just thinking about the stares makes me want to run straight to a haberdashery.
MaliMcG MaliMcG 9 years
I'm not sure that my brain can do ANYTHING in 1/7 of a second, but if E. Jean says so... And I think the tendency to judge others' appearances has less to do with the specific value one attaches to fashion, and more to do with the fact that everything we lay our eyes on falls into the "beautiful" or "other" category. Right? It's just the way our aesthetic sense is wired. In other words, I don't mean to!!!!!
Lipstick500 Lipstick500 9 years
As long as you dress well your whole personality will alter to meet your aesthetic. Look chic, your brain is instantly a brighter place to dwell in.
missmaddie missmaddie 9 years
I figure I'm cool enough to wear whatever I please... but I earned it! And what I please generally revolves around one simple question: WEJWI: Would E. Jean Wear It???
merymery merymery 9 years
THIS is exactly why I have a fashion crisis every morning - going to college in New York City does have its downsides! However, this is great advice and although I sort of try to do it already, I'll put more conscious effort into it in the future ;)
minxieminx minxieminx 9 years
I like that idea. It's fun to switch your style everyday so people don't quite know what to think about you.
LauraRogers LauraRogers 9 years
I do nothing BUT judge outfits as I walk down the street. . .oh, the hard life of a fashion student. The key is to keep those outfit judgments separate from the person wearing them. Bad shoes do not a bad person make! BTW, Auntie Eeeee, LURVE those pink heels. Saucy!
JRStudenroth JRStudenroth 9 years
I had no idea I was so firmly planted under the microscope every time I'm in the public eye. I guess the best way to deal is to dress like the chic fashionista you want to be. Thank you for another witty and honest solution for all!
Daphonay Daphonay 9 years
Women judge. If they didn't, fashion wouldn't exist.
popgoestheworld popgoestheworld 9 years
Do women really judge other women's outfits? I mean, if I see someone wearing a really cute outfit I'll notice, but I would never think to look at someone and say "Oh, she's SO out." Maybe it's a self-preservation method, by which I don't have to look at myself in the mirror every day and ridicule my own lack of fashion!
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