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A New York erotica store is giving sex-toy shopping a warmer, posher, greener feel. Coco de Mer wants your shopping experience to be more like Anthropologie and less like a sex shop. Its toys? They're made from the most sustainable products in the most ethical way. With the know-where-it-came-from mindset of the slow-food movement, owner Justine Roddick explained the store's green ethos to Vanity Fair:

"Obviously we came from the pedigree of ‘Don’t even think about doing business unless you’re going to be responsible about it.’ So, pretty much everything on this table is fair trade. . . . We have so many one-off designers that have these little cottage industries. Like the guy who does a lot of leather stuff for us, Ilya Flee, he’s a saddle maker."

Consignment shops aside, do you care where sex toys come from?


Autumns_Elegy Autumns_Elegy 7 years
I'd never actually thought abou where my toys came from.:S I'd love to have a fair trade toy outlet here though.
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