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Eco-Turf War Erupts Between Ed Begley & the Science Guy

Eco-Turf War Erupts Between Ed Begley & the Science Guy

The Green Movement may have just gotten nasty. Science Guy, Billy Nye and actor Ed Begley, Jr. are engaging in an “keeping up with the Jones’ eco race”. Though the tale of the neighborhood war calls them sort of unflatteringly, "moderately famous," Hey, Ed Begley was great in HBO's Recount) now the battle for the planet taken center stage on their block.

According to a neighbor who lives between the two TV personalities (poor 83-year-old Frema Rood) the competition started the minute Bill Nye moved into the neighborhood announcing his intentions to “ Ed Begley at his own game.”

Since then the two have been trying to out-solar panel one another — in a race which appears to be favoring Nye. The Science Guy’s panels have a few newer features like a system that displays when he’s creating more power than he’s using. Rub it in, much?

Of course, Begley has had a 20-year head start. To see how, and what the two have done in their planetary battle royale,


For those of you who haven’t seen Living with Ed, the HGTV show featuring the trials and triumphs of living an almost completely eco-friendly life, Begley does things like use beer as an insecticide and has installed a weather monitoring sprinkler system which actually checks the forecast to shut down on rainy days. That's more accurate than the weather guy, I imagine.

But Nye is no slouch either — in fact, he is gaining points in sheer good looks. Nye has used recycled plastic lumber to build a patio cover and has copper rain gutters which Begley has coveted openly. Begley's eco-dump has wires sticking out of his appliances, bricks piled high around the yard and, the most damning eyesore, red rain barrels that stand out from his house’s white façade. The actor claim's he's working on solving this problem with an underground cistern to store water, a move he says has Nye already green with envy.

Do you have eco-rivlaries in your own 'hood? Battle to see who's recycling can is fullest? Is this just what the planet needs? A little good old fashioned neighborhood rivalry?


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Spanky-Cheese Spanky-Cheese 8 years
Frema Rood??? FREMA ROOD??? My Play Production guru at Monroe??? This is Bruce Teitell and I still love you and talk about you after all these years!!! PLEASE get in touch with me. My e-mail is it would be great to hear from you.
harmonyfrance harmonyfrance 8 years
Whatever floats your boat I suppose :?
sashak sashak 8 years
I friggin love Ed's show! A green-off! I love it!!
LaurenG22 LaurenG22 8 years
I just watched an Ed Begley JR recycling movie from like 1985. It was hilarious!
redegg redegg 8 years
My grandmother used instant grits to kill fire ants. If Ed can find some organic ones he could add that to his eco friendly insecticide repertoire, LOL.
AmberHoney AmberHoney 8 years
Sounds like California to me!
Alesse Alesse 8 years
I'm fond of Bill Nye from his "Bill Nye the Science Guy" days. I always wanted to be one of the kids on that show, lol.
stephley stephley 8 years
I like Ed better, he's been at it so much longer.
UnDave35 UnDave35 8 years
I got you all beat. I'm so full of hot air, I haven't needed to use any gas for the last two years... ;)
hypnoticmix hypnoticmix 8 years
They can't beet me. I make compost pie. The neighbors love it ala mode.
Jillness Jillness 8 years
:rotfl: I see Ed at Whole Foods all the time!
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