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Electric Youth: Headed to a City Near You

When making its list of the best cities for America's youth, the Wall Street Journal looked at factors like how easy it is find a job or a future mate.

Where today's young people decide to settle down once the "recovery" begins will have a big impact on American cities. Urban centers that become "youth magnets" should see a boom in cultural allure, along with an economic advantage.

Here are the top-five youth magnet cities, according to the WSJ:

1. Washington, DC (tie): The 2008 election of the "cool" Barack Obama set off a "youthful pilgrimage" that shouldn't end anytime soon.
1. Seattle (tie): Seattle's mix of culture, high-tech industry, natural beauty, and university presence makes it a youth magnet.
3. New York City: NYC is still a big city of dreams.
4. Portland: Despite a double digit unemployment rate, Portland's public transportation, access to outdoor activities, and artist culture attracts young people.
5. Austin: A university town with housing and job opportunities makes this city a great place for young people to settle down.

Out of all these cities, where would you rather live?

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JudieN JudieN 7 years
I live in Austin and love it, I have no desire to move elsewhere. As long as you like warm weather (we don't get a true winter, and the summers are hot), a laid back atmosphere and live music - you would make a great Austinite!
starlotus713 starlotus713 7 years
I love DC. Many young people come and go but there is still a good contingent of us that never plan to live anywhere else. I moved here from Michigan - not much for young people there! It was either here or Chicago for me, but I opted to get away from the lake-effect snow winters in addition to just plain loving the politics- and international-infused culture of DC.
missyd missyd 7 years
Well, I am from and currently live in Canada, but I did live in Austin for a short time....and I can honestly say it is my FAVORITE place I have ever been. I'd live there again in a heartbeat, if my career would allow it. They have it all.
bellatryx bellatryx 7 years
I just moved to Seattle from Austin. I love Seattle but Austin will always be home. Both cities are absolutely wonderful.
jazzytummy jazzytummy 7 years
Moved to LA three years ago from the Portland area, and although I am happy with the move, I do miss Portland. Am a native Oregonian, so the liquid sunshine never bothered me. Was back visiting a few weeks ago, and I have to say, while the light rail still is the best there, I was shaking my head at the rush hour traffic. They say LA is bad, and it is, but man, it is becoming a nightmare in the Northwest as well. Will always think of Portland as home, though.
xxstardust xxstardust 7 years
To be honest, taking my druthers I wouldn't pick any of those places. Maybe I'm an oddball but I wouldn't want to live in any of those places, even being young and close to getting out of school. My boyfriend and I are really hoping to move to Delaware some day - the job market there is good for teachers (the school system's not great, but they're always hiring and have a decent salary rate/benefits), the taxes are beyond low, and the housing market is affordable and wide open. Otherwise we'll just stay in NJ, close to our families ..... I don't think either of our mothers want the grandkids too far away!
chatondeneige chatondeneige 7 years
Portland is an unbelievable city - I just love it. But one of my friends recently posted this on her facebook wall, and I had to stress how unpleasant living here can be. I love the city more than anything, but I have a degree. I'm working as a waitress. The most recent hire at my restaurant finished up her master's degree a few months ago. Portland's job market is terrifying even in the best of times, and I honestly wouldn't recommend to anyone that they move here.
HoneyBrown1976 HoneyBrown1976 7 years
Mamacita, it's a date!! lol
kea718 kea718 7 years
Can I pick Miami?? I couldn't imagine living anywhere else. It's not so good for finding a mate... but the nightlife is AMAZING!
lilkimbo lilkimbo 7 years
And it's odd that cko would mention that DC is transient, because I feel that way about Chicago. I guess it all depends on who you know.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 7 years
I'm currently living in DC and it's great! I've considered moving in NYC in a few years, as well. Those are the only two places on this list I'd like to live, but the rest are all nice to visit.
clareberrys clareberrys 7 years
Yay DC! I grew up in maryland outside of DC then after college moved back to Arlington and now live in Tysons...DC area is the best, theres always something to do for everyone. I love it here but Id actually really like to live in Austin someday.
mamasitamalita mamasitamalita 7 years
HoneyBrown, per that post about hosting strangers in your home... I'd love to get coffee with you if you're ever in Manhattan :D
heatherhas heatherhas 7 years
DC and Arlington/Alexandria are all very "young" areas. I went to school up there and everyone stayed after colloge. I took my chance to get out of the area while I was young. . .because I can always go back. Too many yuppies and hipsters for my taste. I was ready for a change of pace.
bchicgrl bchicgrl 7 years
Out of these choices I would have to say NYC and then next on my list would be Seattle.
fashionplate525 fashionplate525 7 years
I moved to Portland from CA last year and LOVE it! While I don't mind the rain, it is the cold I am still not completely used to. NY is fun to visit, as is Seattle (I haven't been to DC or Austin) but I would not want to live there.
HoneyBrown1976 HoneyBrown1976 7 years
NYC would be my choice (Mamacita, do you have any room to work out our differences, so I can move in? lol). I'd have the opportunity to go back to the East Coast where I grew up (I'm now in L.A. - bleh) and be closer to my family in Philadelphia.
McSquish McSquish 7 years
Oh, its dreary alright. You know you're a real Oregonian when you've been in a sunny location for the changing seasons and miss the rain. My friend has lived in Indonesia for the past couple years and was finally back for fall and is going fall crazy on me!
tiff58 tiff58 7 years
Probably Austin, because it's the cheapest (I think), and the warmest, and I just have always wanted to live in Texas for some reason. I'd also really like to live in DC, but it is just so expensive to live there...and there's a lot of traffic. It would be amazing to live in NYC, but it would be a struggle.
Beauty Beauty 7 years
I bet you can guess what my answer is, Tres. ;)
Chrstne Chrstne 7 years
I lived in both the DC and NY metro, and have visited the other cities. They are all best in different ways. I adore DC's metro systems, and the museums (at least most of them) are free. It's really quite beautiful if you don't stray from the Mall area, and the DC mall is obviously going to be kept quite nice for all the tourists and diplomats and stuff. New York is just full of everything you could ever want. It's full of fast paced people, but you have the opportunity to look around and low down and enjoy everything. It's eclectic, fun, interesting, and has amazing landmarks. The food is also unsurpassed in the NY's great. Portland and Seattle are also very beautiful. I have had a lot of fun in Seattle, and I have found a lot of comfort and relaxation in Portland. The downside is the weather for me. It's a little more wet than I would like. Portland, when I visited was a bit dreary. Not sure if it's like that most of the time. Austin is nice, and it's vastly different from some of the New York City wannabe's out there. Perhaps it's just so southern and it has more of that southerny feel, complete with bulls and country music. With all the love I have for New York City, and it is my favorite city...and it's laced with my childhood and memories, and in general, I would prefer to live in DC or in the metro area again. You can't beat free entertainment, good transportation, and ya know, past the DC mall, it's interesting...good restaurants, more things to do and see, it's great.
cko444 cko444 7 years
I would agree with Mamacita re DC, and would further add that it's also a very transient city. A lot of young people who tend only to live there for a relatively short time. Though a very cool, diverse place (if you can get outside of the policy/political/networking crowd), the lack of permanence did not appeal to me. Love NYC but could not stand to live there, personally. Way too much of some things (people, noise, smells, overly entitled uber-rich) way too little of others (space, space, space). Chicago has made me very happy for 10 years now, warts and all. As a close friend described my neighborhood, "it's like Brooklyn, but cheaper, cleaner and people actually talk to you!"
McSquish McSquish 7 years
I already live and was born here: Portland! The only other city that's ever given it a run for its money is San Francisco, but I've not been to Austin yet. (I tend to not favor large cities, so I don't like Seattle and probably would not want to live in NY.)
mamasitamalita mamasitamalita 7 years
I lived in DC for 5 years, and it is the youngest city in the US demographically. I now live in NYC, which is the best ever :)
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