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When making its list of the best cities for America's youth, the Wall Street Journal looked at factors like how easy it is find a job or a future mate.

Where today's young people decide to settle down once the "recovery" begins will have a big impact on American cities. Urban centers that become "youth magnets" should see a boom in cultural allure, along with an economic advantage.

Here are the top-five youth magnet cities, according to the WSJ:

1. Washington, DC (tie): The 2008 election of the "cool" Barack Obama set off a "youthful pilgrimage" that shouldn't end anytime soon.
1. Seattle (tie): Seattle's mix of culture, high-tech industry, natural beauty, and university presence makes it a youth magnet.
3. New York City: NYC is still a big city of dreams.
4. Portland: Despite a double digit unemployment rate, Portland's public transportation, access to outdoor activities, and artist culture attracts young people.
5. Austin: A university town with housing and job opportunities makes this city a great place for young people to settle down.

Out of all these cities, where would you rather live?

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