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gigglegirl gigglegirl 10 years
Good point Bella! You crack me up.
Beauty Beauty 10 years
Well, at least the relationship isn't just about sex.
Princess101 Princess101 10 years
Wat the heck is wrong with this dude... is he just desperate or somethin..gosh.
mandykw mandykw 10 years
WTF!?!? Ohh my God, that creeped me out so bad. Ewwwwwwwwwwww
jhuck jhuck 10 years
His parents have the right idea: Let him to continue living with you so that nobody ever has to find out about this. It reminds me of the Kimber doll off Nip/Tuck...eww.
licia licia 10 years
This guy is either a very convincing actor or totally out of his mind.
fashionmimi fashionmimi 10 years
Oooh these dolls creep me out!!! I did see this guy in another show about the dolls and he had to send her away to get her fixed and he was really upset that they couldn't be together for like 2 weeks!
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