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Elisabeth Moss in Mad Men

Girl Crush du Jour: Elisabeth Moss

It can't be easy playing a repressed character, but the women of Mad Men, in addition to walking around in some pretty form-fitting period clothes, must also express themselves from an early '60s version of womanhood which was restrictive in a different way.

Which brings me to Elisabeth Moss, who plays Peggy Olson, the lone female copywriter in a testosterone-saturated office full of arrogant ad men. Playing the game — while performing femininity as it's expected — Peggy keeps her cool and holds her own against the big boys. January Jones as the miserable Betty Draper may get more press, but Elisabeth's character intrigues me more! I'm girl crushing big time.

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leslievanhouten leslievanhouten 8 years
I think it is somewhat unfair to judge Elisabeth Moss just on looks alone. She's a fantastic actor; my roomie loves her from the West Wing days. Her "looks" are not her commodity; she never plays the vixen or the hot girl nor does she ever try to compete with the Megan Foxes or Sienna Millers of Hollywood. I'm happy she has such a high profile role. That said, Peggy is not a likeable character. She's an obvious outsider within SC, but she goes home to Brooklyn and acts above everyone there. She portrays precociousness not as beguiling, but with awkward embarrassment. I do like seeing her transformation, and I like her relationship with Don a lot more than I like Don's relationship with Betty. But the scenes with Bobbi and Peggy were my absolute faves.
sparklepants sparklepants 8 years
i don't know who she is but she is not attractive to me whatsoever. maybe this is a very bad photo of her?
Lady-Boleyn Lady-Boleyn 8 years
Betty is much more complex and I am drawn to her much more.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 8 years
Hmmm...I know most people on here will disagree with me, but I find Betty Draper much more interesting than Peggy Olson. Also, whenever I see Elisabeth Moss, I think about the Alieve commercial she's in.
mamasitamalita mamasitamalita 8 years
love her!!!!!
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