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Elisha Cuthbert's Handbag

Elisha Cuthbert's Handbag

Dear Sugar
You once helped me find the Pucci rain boots I thought I'd never be able to get my hands on, so I was hoping you could find out what type of bag Elisha Cuthbert has been carrying around? Bag Hag

Dear Bag Hag
Sorry to disappoint - but I'm not able to find the exact bag that Elisha's toting. It looks like it could be anything from an older Luba B. to a smaller vinatage-y Chanel (the leather looks super supple) or even a way older Botega. It's a rare color and a believe it or not, a rare size.

But have no fear - DearSugar will not falter. Bags are a big deal and if that's the one you like - then I'm going to try and hook you up with the next best thing. This is what I've found that I think best matches the color and style.

Chloe's Betty Satchel looks a heck of a lot like (from the back) and has that same soft, fine quality leather. The bag comes in several sizes styles and about 7 different colors (metallic pewter, black, ivory, peach, grey, dark green and yellow).

The metallic pewter color sells for $1,995 and the others are $1,800.

I happen to really love the cool shape of Dolce and Gabbana's Miss Loop Bag. It's a tote with a zipper too - which is something I find important.

This bag comes in 3 sizes. The small is $1,325 and comes in black and navy. The large size sells for $1,775 and is available in Navy and Tortora (the grey/brown you see here) and the XL is $2,225 and comes in Black and Biscotto (a deep brownish color). Unfortunately, you'll have to wait for it - it's doesn't hit stores for another 3 weeks.

Lastly, a less expensive alternative is Anna Corrina's Lady Duffel which retails for $498 at and comes in either brass or pearl.

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