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Elizabeth Edwards on People Magazine

Elizabeth Edwards People Cover Hits Newsstands Today

This week's People cover girl isn't as beaming as last week's Brad and Angelina lovefest — Elizabeth Edwards graces the cover — and I think "grace" is really the appropriate word. She seems to be handling the John Edwards trouble about as well as she possibly can. She's issued a statement in support of Edwards, though according to the story inside the mag, her friend says she's really having to tough it out. "There was anguish – excruciating anguish – for her in dealing with this."

She's, of course, weighing her kids, her disease, and her broken trust with her husband — and the youngest kids haven't been told yet what's going on though Elizabeth's brother says, "Children are very wise and know things." While I'm glad there wasn't a "parade the wife to the podium" shot like we saw earlier this year, somehow I feel like this mag crosses my line a bit. I'll read everything there is to read about him — he made his bed, so to speak — but I might just want to leave Elizabeth (even two-dimensional Elizabeth) in peace. What do you think? Are you picking up the issue? Are you glad that John seems to have made the story about him and less about their marriage?

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