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Ellen & the Cover of W Magazine

Ellen & the Cover of W Magazine

We recently posted a You Don't Need Permission To about looking like yourself instead of everyone else, and your comments well and truly rocked.

Check out Ellen in this month's W Magazine if you haven't already; she's on the cover and is featured in a 6-page spread. I don't think she looks at all like the Ellen we know and adore. The look is slick and glam, and there's something a little too femmie going on. Why can Diane Keaton wear a gorgeous suit in a spread, or someone else be photographed barefoot, and Ellen's in dominatrix pumps and fishnets?

In the video from the shoot below, we see Ellen being funny and whimsical, and I think W missed a true opportunity to reveal Ellen's particular beauty and magic in the magazine; instead, they buried her in makeup, sexed her up, and chose images which hid her considerable charisma. Do they or don't they understand what's brilliant about this woman?

Worse still, W Magazine bizarrely and stupidly asked her to pose for the cover in a dress; Ellen wisely took a pass.

I know what this magazine is. It's beauty magazine; it's a fashion magazine. For me to even be considered and asked to be on the cover- it's huge-- When I first thought about doing it, I thought, Okay, I'll be open to this. I'll play dress up. Then I thought, I just don't feel comfortable in it. I don't want to apologize for who I am.

Do you think she still expresses herself truly in these shots, or do you feel the stylists and the magazine imposed some traditional ideas on her? Would you have rather seen Ellen photographed brilliantly but looking more like the woman we know (plus, plus, of course -- it's a fashion magazine, after all) or do you like her look in these pictures?

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