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Embarrassing Laundry Room Blunder

Dear Sugar,
I have a huge crush on a guy who lives in my apartment building. We see each other in passing from time to time and give each other a flirtatious hi and a smile. Last week we pulled into our garage at the same time and we got to talking. He was as charming and sweet as he is cute and when he asked me to grab a beer over the weekend, I gladly accepted.

Last night I ran into my crush yet again in the laundry room. We exchanged some small talk as he folded his laundry. I went along my merry way when, to my horror, I dropped a pair of period stained underwear on the floor! Do I even need to say anything more? I snatched them up so fast I am not sure if he saw, but needless to say, I was and still am completely mortified. How can I save face? Will he cancel our date? Over Exposed Emily

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Dear Over Exposed Emily
You don't need to say anything more... that is truly mortifying and I am sorry. Are you sure he saw your undies? Did you exchange any conversation after the fact? If you snatched them up as fast as I can imagine you did, I really think it is safe to say he didn't even notice. You're a woman who gets her period. If he scares that easily and cancels your date, he isn't worth your time in the long run. Be confident and assume he didn't notice, or better yet didn't care, and have fun with your hunky neighbor.

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