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Just like old-fashioned physical affairs, emotional affairs can leave a partner feeling deceived and betrayed. An emotional affair isn't filled with steamy hotel-sex sessions; instead, the unfaithful find themselves confiding in and flirting with a "friend" of the opposite sex. They look forward to the other person's attention in the form of secretive meetings, phone calls, text messages, or emails, while they withdraw from their partners. While there's no sex, the most hurtful marker of an affair is there: the breach of trust.

One marriage counselor says more of her clients are having emotional affairs these days. She credits the abundance of sexually suggestive material in modern magazines, film, television, and overall society, which makes it hard to know when we cross the line of inappropriate behavior.

Do you think it's obvious when you step into emotional-affair territory, or is it hard to tell when a friendship has stopped being harmless?


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