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The Green Monster: 8 Acts of Eco Extremism

Yesterday the crying-hippies video resurfaced on the ever-recycling Internet. (Well worth a watch!) Sobbing at the base of a North Carolinian forest, members of radical environmental group Earth First! cried for rocks and trees and pesky weeds that (they insist) are as alive as your typing fingertips. A young man cried until he wanted to scream. So he did.

But that's child's play! Environmentalists — extreme environmentalists — have more than tears and tree houses to show demanding Mother Earth. What does it take to go from eco friendly to eco terror? Check out my eight environmental no-nos, or do-dos (depending on your goal).

  1. Arson. Particularly setting new housing developments, car lots, and SUVs ablaze. Another? Horse slaughterhouses. Neigh!
  2. Not breeding because, obviously, Earth is better off without people.
  3. Harassing, sabotaging, and sinking whaling ships is as old as my first recycling bin.
  4. Poisoning bottles of POM Wonderful juice to protest animal testing. Guess it won't make you immortal after all!

To see four other acts of eco insanity,


  1. Raiding zoos and aquariums to kidnap animals.
  2. Endangering loggers and spiking trees to discourage logging.
  3. Forcing entry, harassing, and attacking university professors involved in animal research. Masks are optional but preferred.
  4. And bombs — a tried and true method of dissent. Even the worst bomb will get attention!


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