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OK, not everything, but I've taken the liberty of personally vetting the entire internet this morning and since the whole thing is full of BidenPalin-palooza, here are the tastiest morsels:

  • Joe Biden hypes his blue-collar-lunch-bucket cred, but does his actual life ride the same train? The Times delves into just how "everyman" he actually is, from his 6,800 square foot home to how much that train ticket actually costs per month.

  • You've heard the one about that "Bridge to Nowhere," right? Rolling Stone has a slideshow comparing Palin myth to Palin fact, including the story behind that eBay-ed plane plus 10 more.
  • I think I guffawed at this one: Politico has "10 Answers for Sarah Palin" to use tonight, including this one, “Sure, I said, ‘Putin rears his head and comes into the airspace of the United States,’ but at least I didn’t plagiarize it.” Kapow. Point Palin?

There's much more! To see the rest,


  • Oh yeah. Everyone will be talking about this: here's the video of the Supreme Court question.
  • How is Joe Biden managing the gender issue? Apparently, it's a non-issue, with this quote, "Voters aren't tuning in for a vice presidential food fight." If they both had a pie at their podiums though. . . just an idea.
  • How are Alaskans feeling about Palin? Well. . . let's just say the word "cringe" was involved. Liberally.
  • And finally, some real advice for the candidates tonight from experts weighing in the Politico Arena, including one suggestion that Palin, "remember that she is under no obligation to answer whatever Ifill asks."

If these stories are any indication of what to expect, let the countdown begin! Meet me in St. Louis!


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